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Speak Up: The Most Beautiful Statement T-shirts to adopt this summer

Say it with words or with your t-shirt. We believe that a good t-shirt can save your whole outfit. See and shop our selection.

We continue to believe that a good cotton T-shirt can save the whole outfit.

With soft fabric, monochrome and matching our silhouette. What more can we want from such a basics item? Which as normal at first glance, is so difficult to pick correctly. In order not to suffer from a shortage of good T-shirts in our wardrobe, we instantly grab this one. And we already have an idea for at least three different outfits. What would make it even better is if this it displays a strong statement (remember Maria Grazia Chiuri’s first collection for Dior).

You can always rely on your t-shirt to send a message to the world. Instead of screaming or talking, you can just write it down and wear with pride.

This summer, more than ever, the printed t-shirts trend is booming.  Imagine how you can enjoy the sun while our t-shirt orders a spritz instead of you or choose tasks of the day: to go to the pool or not?

See how cool girls are wearing them and shop your favourite pieces below.

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