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Capsule summer wardrobe in 9 steps

We selected the perfect wardrobe for a ageless summer capsule closet which you will be wearing summer after summer without getting bored.

The summer is in full swing, and in line with it is our relentless desire for more and more summer fashion. However, in order not to wander in vain and waste valuable time of our remaining two months, we decide to make a short and very practical list to follow, building our capsule wardrobe for the present days, if, of course, we didn’t do it already.

In the gallery below we selected the perfect swimsuit, sunglasses in which we want to live, the obligatory floral dress, as well as several other designs that we can actually wear every summer, regardless of seasonal trends. Because apart from the current sandals, all other items are ageless from an aesthetic point of view and still attractive, season after season.

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