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Dive right in! Your June horoscopes are here.

See what the stars have in store for you this June.

Summer is officially here and we can’t wait for the holidays. But whether you’re taking a break or not, there is a lot to expect this month. Read what the stars have in store for you this June.

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Aries star sign

Not according to the plan

On June 26, your ruler, Mars, goes into a retrograde movement (in Aquarius) for about two months. Not that’s something but it is not nothing. We mean, nothing in these two months will happen as planned or as you expect. The month will be filled with “suddenness” and surprises, and you should be prepared for at least some of them. First of all, do not ignore the important people and commitments, give them their full attention and do not miss a single detail. It’s about your closest people – children, partner, parents, and the job you make your bread with. Everything else can wait. Do not start new projects and new connections, try to stabilize and reinforce the already activated and implemented ones. Do not spend money, do not rely on your luck and take no risks.



Taurus star sign

Chance to restart

This June, Taurus will have the opportunity to return to activities and relationships that for some reason have been “frozen” at a certain stage and put in the background. If we are talking about relationships, the lucky ones will be single Taurus, who will suddenly rediscover the person with whom they have had a relationship, but it has not worked out, but now that all the problems have disappeared and things seems to be arranged with a magic wand. Give yourself a chance with this person. The stars will support you. If we talk about work, things are similar. Perhaps it is a project that you have not finished, and because of a collapse of circumstances again comes to the agenda. Take it seriously and remember that nothing, absolutely nothing that comes back to life again and again, is an accident. Finish what you have done and you won’t regret, we promise you.



Gemini star sign

Double code

Do not start battles in your personal life, Gemini! You won’t achieve anything, at least not in June. Remove the weapon, let your partner, your children, your friends get on your head if you need to. Believe, every other move is doomed to failure, and it will cost you a lot of nerves and scandals. And then, in your work, you can harness all your will for victory, and we would even say that the “road of war” is your only option this month. You are players by nature. You can earn sympathy effortlessly and rarely go into a direct collision, but when you need it, you can do it. In June, you will be challenged to assert yourself at your workplace, to defend your work and achievements, and to struggle to keep your salary and position. Show that you know your price!



Cancer star sign

In love

Pay attention to your nutrition during the month, Cancer, and to all of your health. Your work will be quite tense, so you will need to be in good shape. The month is quite fruitful. Just do not compromise your own beliefs and dreams. No compromise! Even if they offer you a half kingdom. It will be a great mistake if for money or fictional security you have to deal with things that are neither what you like nor in your power. Anyways, this month your financial situation is good, so you do not need anything to sacrifice, as long as you are not greedy. In love, especially in the first half of June, processes are dynamic and traps are not lacking. Cancer will be one of the most attractive signs this month. Do not give in vain promises and do not take stars that have been removed from the sky. Be realistic.



Leo star sign

Venus is with you!

Leo’s love life in June is marked by challenges. Key words: jealousy or even infidelity. In the first half of the month a rival will appear on the horizon. Do not count right now on your irresistible charm, Lions. Carefully and seriously analyze the situation – maybe your partner has a reason to look for the company and the attention of another person. In the second half of June, however, Venus is with you and will help you save your love – as long as you want it, of course. And for all the single Lions after June 15, there are two great romantic weeks that can very soon change their status. At work, pay attention when you work with newcomers, associates, and strangers! Do not trust random people in their plans, intentions, and ideas.



Virgo star sign

Business month

In June, Virgo will show that besides being strong team players, they could be even stronger individual competitors. The month is especially good for those who have already achieved something in their lives and careers and know what they want. Wonderful opportunities will be found in front of thezodiac representatives who have their own business. They will receive a proposal they can neither, nor will they have to turn down – it is one of their golden chances this year. Your financial condition is good, but do not abuse it. Which means: buy the most beautiful perfume or the shoes you’ve long dreamed of, reserve a break, but do not buy an apartment. Love is the realm in which you will be the most vulnerable. Venus is not fond of you in June. Code red for quarrels, even scandals and a third person involved in them.



Libra star sign

Cross the boundaries

The fewer your limitations in June, Libra, the better your month will be. This is a challenge for you, as it is part of your nature to generally comply with the rules, to look for balance (and most of the rules are for that). However, here comes June 2018, and Libra, you have to “break the chain,” forgive the ugly expression, but even that is part of what we are talking about. Everything related to travel, connections with foreign countries, contacts with foreigners will bring you professional success, new opportunities, new horizons. A job overseas? Why not! Take the opportunity! The month will give a new direction to your life, a good one. Follow your dreams, do not mind everyone and everything, do not shut up at home, communicate as much as possible. The stars inject you with superpowers like a superhero.



Scorpio star sign


Awaits you a month filled with news, events and new people, Scorpios. Attack! If you want to expand your business – attack! If you want to accelerate your career development – now is the time! If you want to try your luck in another country – do it! There is no need to look for advice and wait! It is time to ask, to seek your happiness! The discomfort that you currently live in comes from not taking risks and forgetting that life is an adventure. Everything you dream of, Scorpio right now is not at your fingertips. It’s much further. Way farther. You have to make a way for it. All we can say is that the month is very good for making spectacular things, which then you will tell for a lifetime. Do not waste it in a safe place. Run ways with all force from where are you now.



Sagittarius star sign

Show that you can

It is very important that in June you definitely distinguish your friends from your acquaintances. It is possible for an outsider to negatively affect your mental balance. We’re not telling you to become paranoid over your friends, just to watch what and with who you share. Your biggest enemy is waiting for you – the chaos. You can be tragically disorganized. In June, any lack of discipline and – let’s say it – laziness, will be punished. You will not get away this time and you have to take things in your hands if you want to … we’re starting to sound like teachers and we do not want to. We will say that – in June everything is up to you. The stars, as they say, will watch you. Show that you can be creative, work hard, meet deadlines, and work in a team.



Capricorn star sign


The full moon on June 28 is in your sign, Capricorn. And we can say that the whole of June is your month of forgiveness. You have been overwhelmed with fears and whatever good thing happened to you, it couldn’t really please you, bring you satisfaction and peace. The reason is that for a long time you have accumulated anger because of unfair words or actions, untrustworthy friends and hurt pride … Hey, summer comes! It is time to put an end to all conflicts and wars. Forgive the one who has offended you and ask forgiveness from someone you have offended – it is not scary. The lack of forgiveness pulls you back. Think this way: My life is not flowers and roses at the moment, and love is none at all, but … what else! Better times will come! And know that you are right. Take care of your health. Sport will make you feel better.



Aquarius star sign

Control your emotions

June will be carefree and happy for Aquarius – something like a vacation before the vacation. Enjoy, but remember that the period is not very good for spending money. And because of Mars, which at the end of June goes into a retrograde movement in your sign and can give you a lot of surprises, and often surprises cost money. The month is especially good for getting into good shape – it will be much easier than you think. June, however, is terribly inappropriate for conflicts and emotional outbursts, especially in the working environment. Beware of such outbreaks, they may cost you dearly. Nothing casts a shadow on your life in June, except for the danger of saying or doing something in a state of affection. You will experience interesting and important new relations. Love? You’ll have to wait.



Pisces star sign

Magnetic charisma

On June 20, Neptune, your ruler, Pisces, begins its retrograde movement on your territory. Watch out for gambling – in every sense. Even if it’s about love. Especially when it comes to separation. Do you have such thoughts in your head? We would vote with thumbs down on this idea. In June your charisma is magnetic and you will literally be surrounded by admirers or even just by people who want to be in your environment. The month is lucky for artists and difficult for the ones working for financial institutions – banks, and so on. You will hardly be listening to us, but if you have an opportunity for a business trip abroad, you may be better turn it down. Focus on the simple things and pleasures – work, family, delicious food, relax, massages …

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