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Caps on: It’s raining April horoscopes!

Read your April horoscope on The Glam Magazine and get the best out of this month.

Spring is here and we’re excited for the new month ahead. Even though the notorious Mercury is still in retrograde until 15 April, the month doesn’t look so bad for most of the signs, with few exceptions (sorry Aries and Capricorn).

So with that, let’s get started!

The Glam Magazine


Aries star sign

What goes around …

You know the sequel to this proverb – “comes back around”. Mercury continues to be retrograde in your sign until April 15, Aries. Do not get ambitions right now and do not pursue any goals, they will not happen. Emphasize not so much on the realization as on the consideration and the preparation of the things you want to happen to you. Filter through the information you get, especially about your financial affairs. The risk of fraud associated with money is relatively high. If you have to sign a contract for a new job right now (and any contract at all), think three times, sign once. And your personal life in April will bring shocks and conflicts. Come now, read the proverb I started with and think about the situation.



Taurus star sign

Nonstop party

Your month is divided into two fairly equal halves – the first is for work (yes, just at the time of retrograde Mercury), the second is for love. Be careful not to shift them or nothing will happen. If you are looking for support or funding of your projects, do it in the first ten days of the month; it is best to target foreigners or foreign organizations. In April you’ll be distracted and you will have to discipline yourself to handle your tasks. So do not set great goals, but prioritize to do the most urgent. You will have success in financial activities. In the second half of the month, run away with your beloved person to an island – some place crowded and bustling. Love and nonstop party – that’s the second part of the month for you.



Gemini star sign

Opt for change

In April, you will be faced with the choice to continue living with your partner in same house under this arrangement, or to reset the game and start over. Be sure – whatever you decide to take, you will be wrong. There will always be something to regret. However, you have a strong need for change. Neither does your work make you happy or your personal life. So if you can’t change everything, at least start somewhere. Think of any suggestion that you have received or an idea that has occurred to you. The more courageous and inconspicuous you are in April – the happier you will be in May, and so on. If your partner’s hesitations are serious, April is the right time for separation. We will say that – any change in the long-term will have a positive effect.



Cancer star sign

You decide

April will give you the chance to try out your famous intuition. You will have to make some important decisions and the fewer people you ask about these solutions, the better. Even if it’s a drastic change of hair style. Do not let any good friends, spouses and wives, lovers, children, bosses, colleagues be involved. Any decision you take with deep inner conviction will bring you on the right path. Higher forces are making these decisions equitable. Especially if they are in some way related to your children or relatives. Meeting with a person you have not seen before, but has ever played an important role in your life, will give you a fresh look at a matter that excites you or a new venture that you have embarked on. Pay attention to it.



Leo star sign

You’re restless

In April, Leos are real machines, and the people around them will be able to enjoy all their splendor – their sense of humor, creative breadth, their sociability, their talent to entertain. If you are in a leading position, Leos, you will have to do more, but in this case you will be able to make a real breakthrough in the activity you are dealing with and sharply lift the door as it sings in one piece. Your work and will be rewarded with both money and honour, just as you love. The single ones will remain so this month, because April is not meant for love, but if we talk about emotional experiences – oh yes! We know that you certainly won’t be bored in April.



Virgo star sign

Your way

Your inherent self-confidence and determination are your best allies this month, Virgo! In your personal life, you will find yourself in a situation where you will have to choose whether to act as you want or to comply with the norms. Choose the first one and do not be afraid of your image. And do not expect support from others, you will have to deal with everything yourself. In your professional life, however, it is good to do exactly the opposite – taking into consideration others and even neglecting your own interests. This is especially true for those of you who are in charge of some sort of a team. Give everybody what they deserve, reward, encourage and all this will come back a hundred times.



Libra star sign

With passion, not with ambition

A month for plans for you, Libra. You are expecting a very dynamic month, filled with happy outings, and with connections. Despite the notorious retrograde Mercury, your astrological situation is such that you can safely disregard it. If you are given the opportunity to run some of your long-planned projects – take it! If you decide to finish something that’s been weighing for a long time – do it! Travel! Make any changes as long as they fill you with excitement. Show the universe that you value the energy it gives you. A very important condition – give preference to those activities that are close to your heart. Act with desire and passion, not with ambition. Even if you spend money – let your motif be the same again.



Scorpio star sign

Love yourself

The full moon on April 30 is in your sign, Scorpios. And Jupiter is retrograde, again all month. Two astrological events that you can’t help ignoring. Try to concentrate more on yourself. Not just on your personal life, but on yourself. Pay attention. You are going through a crisis associated with a lack in your life. It may be unfulfilled dreams that continue to live in you, do not overlook them. It may also be a worthwhile relationship. Or another way of life and work. What you want most is happening in the most difficult and slow way, isn’t it? Do not punish yourself, Scorpios. Love yourself.



Sagittarius star sign

Punctuality above all

“How important it is to be accurate” – this is your motto of the month for Sagittarius! It is important to keep your appointments, your promises, your word and not to be late for your meetings. We know that you do not like the word “must” and you tend to do nothing but to avoid it, but April is definitely not the right moment to be stubborn. Just finish your work in the best possible way. You have scored quite a lot of black points not only in front of your employer but also with yourself. You want to grow, and you wonder why things are not going. Now is the right time to fix old mistakes and promise that you will no longer repeat them – your ability to work and concentrate is the best.



Capricorn star sign


If we were Capricorn, we would do our best to exchange with someone else over the last ten days of April – for example, with Libra. At the end of the month Saturn and Pluto will be retrograde in your sign, Capricorn, and that means only one: beware! Take special care with those things that are “destined” to say – traits of your character that cause you problems. We’re not sure you can be a master of your character, but you better try. Keep a healthy lifestyle and exercise. Engage in work and get around by people who make you feel safe. Do not undertake risky endeavors that endanger your life and health. Do not travel. And one more thing – be humble. Understand it as you like.



Aquarius star sign

Get out of your skin

If you have been working on a project for a long time and it is not working, you will now understand the exact reasons – lack of experience, money, contacts, or simply that is NOT YOUR project. The full moon in Scorpio on April 30th will shed light on the very deep truths of what hinders you on the way to realizing a particular plan. Take a lesson. This month, thanks to an extremely enjoyable experience that will meet you with new people and in some way give you a new perspective on things, you, Aquarius, will rethink your whole life. If you let go of this impulse, rather than crush it with your old thoughts and patterns of thought, it will soon take you to your dreams.

Don’t you feel the need for something new?



Pisces star sign

So much work!

Extremely active month ahead for the Pisces, we’re feeling sorry for them! You’ll be involved in small tasks, as well as bigger ones related to real estate, rents, sales and it will be overwhelming. Besides, right now you will find yourself absolutely indispensable in your workplace where they will also not leave you alone. We will not scare you anymore. Try to concentrate, get your things sorted and solve them one after another. Do not leave today’s work for tomorrow, do not do a few things in parallel because the risk of serious mistakes is great. You won’t even have the time for personal life. This is one of those months that just have to pass. Still – if you love your work and your home, all of this will be enjoyable. Routine, but a safe month.

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