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How to protect your hair in the summer?

Best products to keep your hair healthy and protected in the summer.

Summer is almost here and we can’t wait to get out of the office and leave the dust, the work and the worries of the big city behind. All we need is sun, sea and light breeze around us. And a cocktail in hand, of course.

We will let our hair down and feel the wind. And perhaps the euphoria of the holiday will keep us in the sun, even though we are aware of the unexpected burning of the skin that has not been exposed yet. It is a good idea to prepare for unpleasant situations, so we need to add a high sun protection cream and a post-sun bath.

Too many women, however, ignore hair protection. It’s not enough just to put on a hat or forget about the hair dryer during the holiday, and try to hydrate the hair well. It is no accident that there is a term sun kissed, when we come back from holiday with darker skin and lightly brightened, somewhere cracking hair. The sun, sea and salt water are the conditions for a wonderful break, but the three most damaging hair factors. They break the smooth horn layer of hair, and so often at the end of the break we find our hair feeling and looking like straw – broken, but not from the salt of the sea, rougher, burnt and damaged.

Special hair protection includes sunscreen sprays, oils and emulsions and prevents it from damage and breaking. They wash off salt, chlorine and sunscreen ointments, and protect hair from harmful UV rays. Thanks to them we keep our lengths healthy during the whole vacation and our hair will be grateful and elastic, shiny, soft and easy to comb.

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