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10 blazer and denim combinations you can wear to the office

It is the blazer that inspires the most of our work style, but there are materials and colour combinations that can elevate the otherwise boring office style.

The blazer is one of the most loved and used clothes in the everyday life of every working woman. Many companies have even introduced a casual day when employees can even come up dressed in jeans. But since we are talking about work and office, do not overdo it with the ripped jeans and inappropriate clothes.

Save the line of business style by adding a classic jacket to the denim. Style it with a white t-shirt or a silk shirt, but let the blazer be the accent in your outfit. You can opt for a colourful jacket in pastel colours, which will surely bring positive vibe to your workplace.

Over sized blazers in combination with short sleeve shirt are on trend this season. They would also be perfectly suited to your more casual Friday styling. In the gallery you will also find our current shopping favourites for fall.

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