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The 20 most beautiful celebrity engagement rings ever

We do not know how it was for you but we had a busy summer attending weddings. Everyone is either getting engaged or married. Not that we complain but after we realized that we are at that age when half our friends expect a baby and the other half are still parting hard, and not even but half of the celebrities have announced their engagement or a wedding. This inspired us to compile a selection of the most beautiful engagement rings of all time.

We recall Ariana and Pitt, Justin and Haley, Tina and Vincent, Megan and Harry, and the freshest Chiara Ferrani and Fedez.

Among our list, there are Beyonce with the “modest” ring which costs $ 5 million (swallowing loudly and dramatically), Paris Hilton and her 2 million ring and Sofia Vergara, whose jewel is “only” $ 500,000. Among the rings in the gallery are some worth less than half a million – roughly $ 100-150k , and there are also some whose price we couldn’t find out. If anything, some marriages do not last forever, but diamonds are forever.

See the celebrities and their jewels in the gallery up.

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