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Soak up the last sunny days, your October horoscope is here!

The Month of Libra has officially started! Libra may be the sign of diplomacy and balance, but that does not mean that there will be no drama in October.

The Month of Libra has officially started! Libra may be the sign of diplomacy and balance, but that does not mean that there will be no drama in the coming month. Retrograde Venus comes to teach us important value lessons, and New Moon in Libra and Full Moon in Taurus in turn brings new beginnings and important endings.

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Aries star sign


If you were born under the Aries sign, in October you will have commitments with an older woman, not necessarily your relative. You will be present at a meeting to solve a problem or misunderstanding of your past. Overall, your tasks this month will be to complete and clarify unresolved issues so far – focus on them.

If you are married, in October you will suddenly have a new person in your life, a meeting with an unusual person or dating under strange circumstances. Right from the beginning of the month, you will have several important meetings and conversations to give a tone to what will happen over the rest of the month.

In October you will be discussing an upcoming trip or you will be involved in its preparation. It is possible that this trip will happen as early as this month. October brings joyful news or suggestions that you get from afar. You can expect to receive a gift through a close person or you will enjoy an important asset.

Family problems (if they occur) will be of a financial nature. You will experience an important surprise related to a document or contract. In the course of the month you will receive news about events in the life of your old love or previous spouse.

Zodiac representatives will have an unexpected chance or opportunity but will have to keep a secret for a while, probably due to superstition. You will experience strong emotions associated with a person born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.


Taurus star sign


For Taurus, October will be filled with unexpected events that will have a decisive impact both personally and professionally. During this time, take enough time to make a realistic assessment of any situation, suggestion or experience. Otherwise, you may miss something important in your excessive enthusiasm around the situation.

This month brings you to a meeting with relatives or representatives of a state institution concerning an internal or property problem. This meeting may be a very delicate situation that will have a positive development, but at this stage it is too early to enjoy.

Your personal relationships will have misunderstandings because of misinterpreted words or gestures. Such things will cause doubt and suspicion in you or in your partner. In October, you will negotiate, prepare and sign a document relating to the receipt of money from a state or banking institution. There may be a delay in the funds you expect to receive.

October will delight many with the birth of a child in the family or in friends’ home. Your love life this month will be too emotional – it will create moments of instability and you will have to deal with each and every one of the tensions. Soothe things and put everything in order before your relationship becomes too complex.


Gemini star sign


If you are born under the sign of Gemini, you will face a busy month, during which new engagements with opportunities for better income will emerge. Even if you do not change your core business, you will now be able to earn extra income, or you will get money from an unexpected place.

If you start a new job, you will definitely be able to make significant progress and success. Of course, not everything will be perfect and many of you will experience financial worries. In October, you will experience emotionally unpleasant news about a young person you know personally.

Past events that you have experienced with lots of suffering and tears will turn out to be a well planned scenario by your acquaintance. You may be hurt by a misleading intrigue or a lie.

A dispute or confrontation with a child or young person in your family will be related to travel or your relatives. Zodiac representatives can receive news about rejection of an offer or invitation, applying for a new job or participating in a new project, but do not rush into despair – fate is preparing you for something better.


Cancer star sign


For representatives of the Cancer Zodiac, October will be a month in which they need to focus on stabilizing love relationships and solving problems related to a loved one. If the feelings with your partner are strong and sincere, you will resist these trials. And vice versa – if not, the probability of separation is also great. These love affairs may be due to the negative energy and unwanted interference of people who are against your relationship.

This month, you will have serious commitments regarding a person in your family: father, grandfather, husband, son. There is no indication that these relationships will be related to adverse events, so they will most likely manifest as an unplanned overall experience.

In October unexpected events will rearrange your priorities and plans by the end of the year. Events related to people born under the sign of Scorpio, Pisces or Cancer will be the basis of your important decisions and changes.

October is a good month for lawsuits. You are about to attend an important event involving a girl or a young woman most likely born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. This month, you will be relieved of your inner fears and unrealistic expectations for the development of professional projects.

With luck you will get out of an accident or an excessively stressful situation. Cancers will remain satisfied with a particular experience in their personal life and especially in a romantic way.


Leo star sign


If you were born under the sign of the Leo, October will burden you with some emotional problems at home or in your romantic relationships. Your sensitivity will make you too touchy, easily offended and upset.

October offers new professional opportunities for which you are grateful for and will involve the protection of a person close to you. During the month you will experience mild health problems. Use the chances given to you this month, although you may not be ready for them. Their development will be surprising and the opportunity is not to be missed. In this evolution of events, an important role will play representatives of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.

In October you will have plenty of time to travel – not you experienced that the lack of such before. Contacts with people from another country will bring you desired or unexpected successes and experiences.

Your acquaintance, a representative of the Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo from another city or country will have a beneficial effect on your personal or professional plans. In October, you will be able to solve financial problems that are not complex or dramatic but require your attention.


Virgo star sign


If you were born under the sign of Virgo, in October you will have to wait a little longer to get financial proceeds, which can make you nervous, irritable and even suspicious. There is no good reason not to receive what you are entitled to. Avoid tensions and situations that can make things more complicated for you.

One of your mistakes this month will be the lack of real judgment and vision of the development of your financial affairs. You will be inclined to rush into the events, trusting on your own judgment and then indulging in your own negative emotions.

Your friends will engage you emotionally or mentally with the drama in their life. The load will mainly be due to the fact that you have warned them of such problems, but your words have not been heard on time. During the month you will have meetings with relatives who live in another home or in another place.

Many of you will now have to give up definitively a certain plan they have drawn up because of the unexpected emergence of new circumstances or other better opportunities. There is a visible or invisible transformation in a person from your close circle that brings big changes – you will offer them aid, and the gesture will not be underestimated.


Libra star sign


If you were born under the sign of Libra, in October you will experience tension in your relationship with a girl or a woman you are very keen on. You will have to overcome or solve the problems in the lives of older relatives: parents or grand parents.

This month you will enjoy some new purchases or acquisitions, but at the same time you will be disappointed with the situation of your property or financial condition. Expect an important child-related event from your family, friends, relatives or close associates of your partner. If you have a relationship with a younger partner, in October you will review your doubts or wishes to change something.

An unexpected health problem will arise with your acquaintance, and this will be related to an accident or unusual situation. Your health will also not be very stable, so avoid stressful situations. Some of the joyful or special events in October will be related to a boy or a young man with successes or special occasions in his private life.

Passions are warmed up with a representative of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Libra should avoid large financial operations, as these actions will not be successful and can be delayed for the time being. October will be remembered with more tension in your life, but everything goes smoothly and by the end of the month peace will return.


Scorpio star sign


Scorpio’s representatives must not allow illusions or excessive self-confidence to interfere in their affairs. Love is not a gift that a person receives on a daily basis, especially if feelings and emotions are not devoted to its development.

This month, all cheating or secret manifestations in love will be tested or revealed. In October there will be favourable conditions for travel or development of your contacts with people from different locations. Your relationships with people born under the sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo will have a favourable development, especially if they are related to financial affairs.

In October avoid tensions or conflicts in your home because they can become a serious problem, ruining the relationship and even emotionally moving away. If you are in the process of divorce, you are confronted with conflicts and difficult situations, but this is not something you don’t know and for which you are not prepared.

You will be pleased with news related to a relative born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. In this month, many will finally decide and make a change in their work. Something you could not have realized in the past due to the absence of favourable circumstances would be given to you as an unexpected chance.


Sagittarius star sign


If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, in October you must prepare a detailed plan in personal and professional life. Keep in mind that these plans must be as realistic and achievable as possible. If something goes wrong or you suffer some failure, it will be your own fault – do not blame the surrounding. You will have important professional relationships with people born under the sign Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer.

This month you will make an important decision or you will experience an important event involving a boy or a young man. Your relationships with men born under the sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo will have an important influence in your life in personal and professional terms.

October marks a crash in a certain sphere in your personal life. This emotional decline will be related to a bitter experience, after which success will be achieved and a complex case of your past will be solved. The pain and the joy in your life move absolutely parallel – they go hand in hand, and the final destination is an important change in your life.

This month, you will solve problems in your home or you will need to quickly settle formalities related to property or personal belongings. You will remember a joyful event related to a child (probably a boy). You will experience special emotions and you will enjoy luck in all endeavors. October will be a good month for trips.


Capricorn star sign


October brings events related to additional earnings, financial settlement, better pay or additional job opportunities for all representatives of the Capricorn Zodiac. Surprises this month will involve a relationship with a woman from your past.

This month, you will have a meeting with a person who will be in a period of depression or financial difficulty. Your family relationships are developing normally, important issues will be discussed and urgent commitments will be scheduled during this and next month.

In October, many of you will be part of important engagement gatherings – wedding, anniversary, birthdays, etc. News or letter to be received this month will trigger your annoyance and you will be inclined to go into conflict with someone who has misled you in some way.

In October try to follow the natural course of events without any particular objections. Some problems will require more time to find their solution. Avoid mental and emotional stress because it will be difficult for you to deal with such tensions.


Aquarius star sign


If you were born under the sign of Aquarius, you are facing a month in which you will travel for family reasons or have contacts with relatives who live in another country. They can come to you, visit you, or plan a future meeting with them.

This month implies engagement or wedding in another city or even a country that may be postponed. In October, you will be worried about an event or failure related to a boy or a young man from your family or a close friendly circle. In the upcoming period, you will have contacts with people who are not from your environment, but now they are experiencing serious problems and you will appear as one of their opportunities for getting help.

October is favourable for the development of your financial affairs. Unexpected earnings, financial support from an unexpected source or other surprises in this aspect are possible. Such events can help you decide on a new home purchase or resolve a property problem.

Many of you will hold conversations related to personal property and such actions may have a connection with a person born under the sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo. Overall October will be successful for you, but you may experience disappointment in your friend circle.


Pisces star sign


If you were born under the sign of Pisces, you will have a month in which you will deal with the personal or professional affairs of a man in your family or a friendly circle. This month, you’ll get news or information that can create a lot of tension and anxiety. The worry will be your initial reaction, but later your attitude will change. Perhaps you are misleading yourself in something or the information you receive is false.

In October you will have to overcome emotional problems in a love affair. Your sensitivity or miscommunication with your partner will be the cause. Overall, this month, your romantic relationships will be challenged, which will show you how serious and sincere they are.

October will be a good time to change work, complete a project and start a new one. You will leave a period behind your back and start something new: a new job, a new career or a business.

The broken relationship with a woman with whom you have been close in the past will already have the opportunity to harmonize and revive. You will be willing to forgive or forget the misunderstandings between you.





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