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Jingle bells, end of the year and December horoscopes are here!

It’s the beginning of the end…of 2o17 and whether is was a good or a bad year we still have to go through December. See what the stars have prepared for you this month.


Aries star sign


Finish what you’ve started

Make a list of the incomplete cases in the last three months and give it all up to finalize them by the end of the year, when Uranus retrograde period expires in your sign. From now on we warn you that you will encounter a lot of trouble on your way, if you really decide to listen to my advice but you will show Uranus that you are ready to break stereotypes in your head and your previous behavior. We advise you, not to show sentiment to people or anything of your past and do not bring them back to your life. I’m sure the stars will tempt to test you. But just close the door and go ahead!


Taurus star sign


Time for real friends

Stop listening to everyone around you, you don’t have to do it. We put you a pre-Christmas task, Taurus: Have a nice look around your friends’ circle and think well if you really care about all these people. It is true that the holidays should reunite you, but it happens only in the movies. In real life, the opposite is often the case, and in the current situation, you need to be emotionally overwhelmed. If someone seems to be fake in their attitude towards you, end the relationship. Opposite of what’s happening with your friendly circle, everything in your love life is real and smooth. Keep it up and do not play with fire, by deliberately making your partner to be jealous.


Gemini star sign


Wait for the changes

The full moon on December 3rd is in your sign, Gemini. On that date and in the days after, you will be disconcerted and extremely undisciplined, so do not plan important business events during that time. Be very careful with the suggestions you make, whether you are in the field of work or your personal life. Planning to change your home, workplace or work position? The moment is not right. Your heart and mind are now completely obsessed with one person, and this is definitely not the person next to you, if there is one at all. Almost all of Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius, so better don’t do anything drastically in this regard.


Cancer star sign


Moderate risk

You will resolve a serious financial problem if you take a moderate risk rather than keep doing what you do. First – listen to your intuition, second – find a financial consultant and third – do not be afraid to bet on the uncertain. You are among the signs that the retrograde Mercury will not particularly affect, even it can bring money. But it will affect you in a different sphere – the one of communications. Communication, no matter what and with whom, will cause you the most problems, so rather deal with it by yourself and contact people with whom you could conduct more business. The month will be the most difficult for Cancers dealing with trade. Do not take long journeys, or any at all.


Leo star sign



In December, your energy, Leos, will be at a very high level, and that will give you the opportunity to take some decisive steps with regard to your old dream. You will understand with crystal clearness that if you want what you dream about and if you have been working on it for a long time, you will have to make extraordinary efforts. It will not be easy. And the question is: will you jump into that, or you will prefer your peace and leisure. Even if you choose the second one, consider carefully each proposal that comes to you and look for a compromise. One does not get good opportunities every day. In your love life, good things are awaiting. Go for it!


Virgo star sign


Bet on the new one

Do not ask more than you need, and do not give more than what they ask from you. December will be a successful and carefree month for you, Virgo, if you follow this advice. Modesty may be your best skill, but it certainly prevents your from negative energy, so – be modest! You will be tempted to get involved with a hundred projects, but do not make this mistake. Arrange your priorities and limit yourself to the top 3 of them. Use your free time to search for new inspiration. You have a tremendous need to shake off the routine of work and life, so give way to the new people you meet and to new ideas and forget about the old days.


Libra star sign


Good luck in everything

You’ll get a Christmas gift of fate, Libra, you just have to find it under the tree, where all the presents look alike. Follow your intuition blindly, even though I know this is the hardest thing in the world, because no one has ever let us do it. Still – you can absolutely trust your inner impulses and be sure that even when you solve intricate situations, they will put you on the right track. It is much better to work for yourself, because you don’t have to explain yourself to others. All financial issues will be resolved seamlessly, do not worry about them. In your love life, people from your past will return and this return will affect you positively.


Scorpio star sign


Do not postpone decisions

Keep your energy and watch out for your health, Scorpio, as December looks pretty emotional for you. On one hand, you will be involved with the problems of a very close person, on the other – you will be bombarded by projects, suggestions, ideas and opportunities, and you will have to take a quick decision. From a third side, Scorpio, you are in love or at least very intrigued by the person, who have recently entered in your life. How to deal with all this, we don’t know. All we know is that your month is very important, and that you will not be able to keep all the watermelons under your two arms. Be brave and make a decision right now. Do not postpone anything for “next year”.


Sagittarius star sign


Mercury is retrograde

Mercury is retrograde in your sign, Sagittarius, from 3 to 23 of December – a very important period, especially for those who are in the active age between 25 and 60 years. The incident will affect all spheres of your life and can be summarized as: you will exit this period of retrograde with a new idea of ​​how to move forward. Something, that will make you focus all your efforts, will happen. If you have spread yourself in several directions so far, you will now put everything into one. Let’s say – to publish a book. Or give up your few jobs and focus on just one. However, you will reach this decision the hard way – once you understand that the old options are simply not in your favour.


Capricorn star sign


What do you dream of?

You, Capricorn, are incredibly inventive and enthusiastic when you have to do someone else’s job, and you fall into lethargy, when it comes to your own. You will turn the game to your advantage only when you start fighting for your own dreams. Forget about your great sense of duty and responsibility and stop fighting for other people’s causes. This will always make you feel uncomfortable, and is what brings you frustration in the recent months. Capricorns, who have their own businesses will get out of the difficult situation, by taking small steps for the expansion and development of their business in December. Let others continue with self-analysis.


Aquarius star sign



Reasonable and planned actions will save you from the chaos that is likely to happen for in December. Your traditional artistic approach is a two-edged sword and you are definitely threatened by its negative side. You have to be very disciplined and organized to be able to respond adequately to all the surprising situations that the month will bring you. As we say surprising, we mean only unpleasant. The thing is, you have to stop the unpleasant ones and get the best out of the good ones. At the end you will be exhausted, but happy. And you will prepare best for the next year. So hold on and go through this month.


Pisces star sign


Be patient

The new venture in which you have just started or you are about to begin, is a good way to fill your time, nothing more. And the Soul of the pisces is always thirsty for new things. Relax, Pisces, be patient. Use the slower moment you are in now to look around, see where you are, what you want, or even take some rest. Pay attention to your children, your loved one, the family, your parents. In fact, the month is not bad, and if you look deeper, you will notice that it creates a new concept for your life – to go for a long trip abroad, for example, or to move in with your boyfriend.

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