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Designer pieces not worth the investment

Designer clothingPhoto credit: istock.com

We have to admit that we all splurged quite carelessly on designer pieces at least once in our lives but nothing was worth less than our money than the pile of trendy pieces we bought for the sake of having something new.

For the record, in our 30s things have changes and we no longer shop with reckless abandon. Sure, we buy a little extra pieces that we could physically wear but we don’t make impulse purchases on a bad day.

Let’s admit it the real reason to buy trendy pieces or something that doesn’t fit quite well is the notion that we need to break the routine. We’re surrounded by well-dressed women every day, many of whom have gorgeous and often expensive designer but truthfully, we already learnt this lesson—we’re most comfortable in simple but well made things.

Sure, well-made versions of classics feel better and last longer and fit right. Actually the most important tip is to make sure you’re buying appropriate sizes—trying things on in person or committing to a return if it’s an ill fit—and only indulging in special pieces that are truly classics.

Of course if we fall for trendy pieces, affordable is the way to go. It’s called timeless for a reason; always choose quality over quantity.

Feel the same? See some our classic fall picks below (and empty your Zara shopping cart, right now).

  1. Aquazurra suede ankle boots
    Aquazurra suede ankle boots
    Photo credit: Mytheresa.com

    2. Balmain wool blazer

    Balmain wool blazer jacket
    Photo credit: Mytheresa.com

    3. Cos classic white cotton t-shirt

    Cos white cotton t-shirt
    Photo credit: cosstores.com

    4. Jacquemus knee long skirt

    Jacquemus skirt
    Photo credit: Mytheresa.com

    5. Saint Laurent Sunset croc embossed bag

    Saint Laurent sunset croc embossed leather bag
    Photo credit: Mytheresa.com

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