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All you need to know about the make-up primers

Primer or base - names are different, but the idea is the same, creating the perfect foundation for makeup. Explore and select, according to your needs.

Primer or base – names are different, but the idea is the same, namely creating the perfect foundation for makeup. Many women believe that good moisturizing cream does the same job as the base. In fact, it does not. Cream is a basic skin care product that works to fill it with moisture from within. Therefore, after application, it quickly absorbs and virtually does not remain on the surface. The premier, however, is a product that should not disappear from the top layer of the skin. On the contrary – it helps her to prepare for the subsequent application of a foundation. That is why makeup base and moisturizing cream are not interchangeable but rather complementary products.

The most important action of the Primer is that, after its application, the foundation is lying on a level of foundation and endures all day. Moreover, most bases have a matte effect and thanks to this, the skin always looks fresh and young. It is enough to apply a thin layer of the product after the moisturizing cream to make your skin tan more even and the pores to appear smaller. Look at the base as another shield from environmental pollution.

The cosmetics industry has long recognized how important the primers are, so it creates a variety of products for the different types and needs of the skin. There are those for oily skin, glowing, matting, refreshing, gel, spray or even oil. One of the first brands with traditions in the creation of quality primers is Smashbox. And the reason for this is that it was created by two photographers – Dean and Davies Factor, grandchildren of legendary Max Factor. And only a photographer may know how important is the beautiful, radiant and even skin. And what can we say if they are two ?!

Scroll down to see and shop some of our favourite primers, which we are sure you will fall in love with. Explore and select according to your needs and personal preferences.

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