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Your November horoscope is here and excited about your month

This month will bring us many changes on personal and professional level. Get ready for tense first two weeks of the month followed by great end filled with many positive emotions. Enough said, read more below about what the stars have in store for you this month.

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Aries star sign


If you were born under Aries, in November you will get support or important advice from people born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. It is possible that this help may come because of the attempts of some of your acquaintances who are trying to sabotage you.

Doubts regarding the sincerity of your relatives may prove justified, so be cautious and disregard your inner feelings no matter how much you want them to be innocent in those matters.

November will bring some issues of heritage or property to the agenda. Take them seriously and do not underestimate the seriousness of the topics. It is good to avoid transmitting personal belongings to representatives of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. It is also possible during this period to be involved in the financial support of a relative, with whom you will have joint activities of a financial nature.

A man from your immediate circle will need your support with an important document or other task that he would not be able to complete without your help.


Taurus star sign


November is not your strongest month, Taurus, so it’s best to act as much as possible and be especially careful with new people who want to get to your heart or bank account.

We do not want to sound like your grandmother, but we need to warn you: Be careful not to become a victim of someone’s lies! We do not recommend that you trust any new people in your immediate circle, and definitely do not make big plans for the future with them. If you planned exactly this month to start a new venture or just show the world the outcome of your long-term project work – make sure your partners are not the same star sign as you and your November will be carefree and perspective.

Do not be afraid, Taurus! These are just more obstacles to overcome.


Gemini star sign


The full moon on November 23 is in your sign, Gemini, and because you are unpredictable and … mischievous, the days around your “full moon” will be high-risk. For all of us, 23 November is Friday and it is possible for many people to go somewhere for the weekend, and we warn them: Do not travel on that day! Moreover, at that time, Mercury will be retrograde.

In general, November is very successful for you, Gemini, and it will be easy for you to do things – at work you will have honour and glory (which are essential for Gemini), money, and love. Only one thing is asked of you – not to try to outsmart, deceive or manipulate any of the people around you. The stars want honesty and integrity from you, is it too much?


Cancer star sign


This November, Cancer, are focused on love and pleasure. I advise you, however, not to combine them with trips, because the month is not suitable for travel. If necessary, arrange it in the first half of November. Too many people will try to get your attention with their own problems. Do not let them! You will be given an incredible chance to start a big new project and it is very important not to miss it.

This is your guiding light for the near future, so be careful. Avoid engaging your attention and emotions with trifles and definitely repel any attempt to be involved in intrigue. You will have to communicate with different people, some of whom will be willing to play hard and aggressive with you. Do not play this game.


Leo star sign


If you have a chance to work abroad, with foreigners or just for a foreign company, and even if the offer sounds tempting, carefully examine all the details and do not take any extra risks. If possible, postpone the decision and wait for the next month. This advice applies to absolutely all situations in which you have to trust bit or much of a blind chance. Well, do not trust this!

Better postpone or even refuse! Generally, during the month you will not have any problems at work, on the contrary – you will enjoy recognition and comfort. At home, however, the situation is a bit more stressful and you will have to adjust your behaviour daily to both your children and your spouse. And conflicts of all kinds will not be missed. Do not let people manipulate you and respect yourself.


Virgo star sign


Some of the Virgos, especially the ones in a long relationship, will receive/make a proposal for marriage in November, which will result in a series of events, mostly related to all sorts of legal procedures. For others this might relate to a business proposal. We would advise you all to put aside money for lawyers, attorneys and notaries – they will need them.

It is very likely that important trips will be necessary, so we will not persuade you to avoid them. Virgo, although we started with something relatively romantic like a “marriage proposal,” the month would not be romantic for you, but it would be more work orientated. You will have to deal with a big amount of work. I advise you to save your money, though you will not miss money this month. Do not ignore your relatives. And do not take everything for yourself.


Libra star sign


To summarize the November situation for you, Libra: money, love or friendship disappointment (we thought not to tell you, but …), light in the tunnel in terms of your business or your career. Libra, if this month’s problems in your relationship get sharper and reach a critical point, we advise you do not go back but go all the way. We’re not talking about casual quarrels, but about time-consuming problems that you have reconciled. You must say “Stop!”.

If you feel a systematic manipulative attitude towards yourself and if someone overlooks and underestimates you – you know what you should do. This is the only way out of the maze, even if it is very difficult for you. Retract the chain and continue forward. Sometimes courage is all.


Scorpio star sign


In November prepare for a race, Scorpios! You will have to defend the position you are in, to appear in a competition or something like that. It is possible, though less likely, to have to protect your love, but you know how to handle it. The main thing in both cases is: Do not explode! Do not lose control! Do whatever is in your power, and if you do not win, take the loss with dignity.

In any case, Scorpios, your month is strong and you can count on your personal charisma. There isn’t an opponent you can not defeat. And one more thing – do not succumb to Scorpio laziness. If you are offered to join an international project and find it too large or complex for you, do not allow any laziness. Step up!


Sagittarius star sign


Start something new, Sagittarius! But not a new job, a new project, a new business, or even a new relationship, because Mercury and Venus will be still retrograde – just one planet comes out of this phase and the other comes in. Rather, start something personally related to you. For example, a yoga course or just yoga at home. Or sport, but be regular, as if you were training for, let’s say for example, the world’s fitness competition in two years.

Start something that will ensure that you take the time and energy for yourself, your appearance, your health and your spirit. November will not be one of your most communicative months, it’s better to spend time with your closest people or by yourself. Most of you are not really into this type of a lifestyle. Take this month as a good time to gather strength. Everything is going to be ok.


Capricorn star sign


Your life in November will be somewhat different, Capricorn. You will have the desire to escape from your everyday routine. We would not be able to predict what you could do. Trust your creative impulse and let it lead you. Do not give up on it, even if you think you’re doing a lot of minor things. Trust your inner gut blindly, and it will not deceive you.

Anyone who is trying to control you and enforce rules during that period will be thrown out of your circle because you will be quite uncompromising in November. And this, Capricorn, is just great! We strongly advise you to follow your heart and instincts, to cut off or accept whatever or your soul wants without fear of consequences. Live your life, Capricorn!


Aquarius star sign


Focus on your career, not your love life in November, Aquarius! We’re kidding, don’t forget your love, but your month is very important for a career move, a new higher position with new responsibilities, and a higher salary. You have been doing it for years, and now you will be rewarded for your work. The most successful will be those of you who work in a team. In few words, expect a good month.

However, we advise you two things – first, do not spend money if unnecessary, and secondly, do not give trust to everybody you meet. Even if you are madly in love with someone, it is better to first make sure you can trust them. If we were Aquarius, in November we would be working hard and then enjoy the results. And they’re already coming, Aquarius.


Pisces star sign


You’ve gotten out of shape, Pisces. You have a direction, you have a goal and plenty of drive to achieve it. In November, somewhere in the middle, Mars comes to you and injects you an extra dose of energy to accomplish your intentions. Be careful not to overdo your ambition but also to avoid aggression in your behaviour and work. The moment is extremely unsuitable for dangerous and unreasonably honest games in the workplace and we strongly advise you to act by the rules if you do not want to risk your work.

Honestly, we doubt you will achieve what you want this month, we do not even think you will be able to finalise your work, but the important thing is not to lose important people who love you . People are more important than any success, Pisces.

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