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Your January horoscope is here and thinks it’s time for a change

New year, new me! Isn’t it what we say every year? Well may be this time we shall follow the quote and do the first step of changing what we don’t like. Without saying more, here are your January horoscopes.

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Aries star sign


On January 6, 2019, Uranus (the planet responsible for new, sharp transformations) that shook your life completely over the last 8 years, then went back to the Taurus in May last year and came back to you for a short while is going out of the retrograde phase and remains in your sign until March 2019, and then finally establishes with your Taurean brothers until 2025. Aries, look back and consider very well what has happened to you since 2010. Otherwise, in January, changes are coming in your work and personal life. Put your intuition forward – like a hound – and run after it. There is a great chance for business owners who will win a project, recognition, or big order. You only need to take a small but timely initiative. Sometimes a month could make a big difference in your life. January is exactly this time.


Taurus star sign


Now or never! Right this month! Do not waste your time on nonsense, but consolidate your positions – in the workplace, in your personal life, wherever you are. Your energy is strong and focused, which does not happen so often. Now is the time to win. If you are in a complicated relationship which lasts long and holds you in tension, now is the time to get the best out of this. Remember that sometimes the best is the definite clarity of how things stand and separate delusions and illusions. Still, expect happy love affairs. At work, you will need to take an initiative. Show what you can and you will get what you want.


Gemini star sign


Whatever you do in January, you’ll be doing it all year round. Gemini must pay close attention to the people that fate encounters during this month. These are their … guides for the whole year, and it is possible for a more in future. When we say “leaders,” we mean the people who will lead you in a certain direction different from the one before. It may be people you worked with before, but your roads have split. And another advice from us – act with self-confidence, negotiate the best conditions for yourself and your business. In your personal life, try to be sincere and know that parallel love relationships are pretty risky at this time. Code red for expected storms in your love life.


Cancer star sign


Nothing is as it seems, Cancers. Even you. The situation at your workplace is not that bad. A bunch of people from your closest friends have all sorts of worries and problems, but by the end of the month or even before, you’ll even see how well you deal with them yourself. You think you’re on the edge and you barely stand, but you’re actually in perfect shape. It is important to start the year in total harmony with yourself. You do not have to wear masks – cheerful, cooler, stronger, bigger … Bet on yourself – your emotions and sensitivity, your talent and courage. None of these qualities will make you a bad favour, on the contrary. Do not reject any opportunities at work, just think about them well and if they do not completely satisfy you, transform them.


Leo star sign


Try to pull the strings without anyone noticing this. Find allies and act through them when it’s needed. Do not be direct, especially at the workplace. Little crafty from time to time is not superfluous and the period is such that it is better to choose this instead of the direct encounter, the hint instead of the whole truth, the detailed explanation instead of the short message. Whatever problem you may encounter in your path, whatever your goal, if it’s all about communicating, choose the time-out option. Do not talk to anyone about your real plans and intentions- play smart. This is the only way to achieve what you want. No matter who is against you.


Virgo star sign


Do not postpone the January work for February, Virgo! No matter all. Grab the bull by the horns, and if you have a very good opportunity – take it now, do not leave it for later. January is a strong month, but that’s how things will develop that you will not be able to rely on someone else’s help. So, if something looks too risky, do not take it by relying on your luck. Rather, grab the chance of the moment and give it your time, work, talent and heart – by yourself without relying on anyone else. This will repay you. One more thing – do not give more than you will get, and do not throw money in the wind (though a Virgo never does it). Among other things, in January it’s good for you to practice your favorite thing – to keep things under control, hurray!


Libra star sign


Do not trust people who … are not trustworthy. Think about if they’re honest with you. It is best not to take anyone’s advice or help, and not look elsewhere, stand for yourself at all costs. Know that Mars, the planet of action, will support you, so it is enough to rely on your own intuition. The most important thing is not to confuse emotion and intuition, these are two different things and that is why we will repeat – act intuitively but in no way emotionally. Do not succumb to provocation, show character and resilience. My advice is to spend more time with your family (in the narrowest sense of the word), and if you will be in compliance with someone, let it be with him only. January will bring the results of your work. Everything is perfect.


Scorpio star sign


Not that love has ever left your life, Scorpios (you are Scorpios!), But somehow you have been oblivious to it, left in the background, eased to the periphery of your being, and so on. But now it is back. And … it has problems with itself, as usual. Especially the married ones of you, for some of which things will develop so that they will find a second half. They already have one, and another one appears. Besides, you will not be at ease at your workplace either. There are important things going on that will sooner or later influence your positions, even if you do not care especially about them at the moment. And although we agree that everything is love, and so on, if we were you, we would have been focused on work.


Sagittarius star sign


A very good period for making money. At least as far as work is concerned, make your money a major reference point this month. You will feel a tremendous relief because when it comes to money, things become super-clean and simple, and it will help you make decisions easier than ever. Of course, we do not advise you to always follow this commercial approach, but in the first month of the new year, it will bring you the greatest inner satisfaction. Work on your career and make money! This is the situation. While others hibernate, you have to use your hyperactivity (typical for Sagittarius) and work. If you have your own business – develop it, expand it, now is the time!


Capricorn star sign


Check out everything this month, Capricorn! And the most important things – several times. The environment in which you are in definitely does not encourage you to develop yourself, but on the other hand it does not threatens you. Do not count on it. The month is too ambiguous for you – it will raise you up in sky with some good news, it will hit you at the bottom with minor problems, but those that change you. Watch out for the little things, the details, will be important for the development of all your business in January. Do not overlook anything, especially if you are working on a larger and more important project. You will also need to make a decision about your future. It is possible to completely change direction, activity, everything. If you do not feel happy where you are – change it!


Aquarius star sign


Do not be satisfied with the second place in any area of ​​life, Aquarius! Do not accept it, be uncompromising. Show the person you are in love with that he has no chance if he has decided to live your life without you. Do your best at your workplace, and if your boss still do not appreciate your work, fight for your rights by all means. The most successful in January will be those of you who will still have the courage to shine. If you are really bold – whether in your love life or in the professional – right now you will finally find out whether or not you are worth the battle you have been taking for so long. You will see it with your eyes. And if the answer is no, do not continue the battle.


Pisces star sign


January is relatively passive, Pisces, and if you just need extra activity now, you’ll need a double amount of energy to handle it. Seek help from a friend, do not force yourself, and do not take many tasks. We will take advantage of the football terminology to give you a better idea of ​​how things are. So do not organize your own attacks, wait f0r a moment or a mistake and make counterattacks. This is your game this month. For some of you, it is possible for a rival to appear in your private life or at work, and this is something that can make the otherwise unattractive month different. These are not the best excitements, but the Pisces will remind both themselves and others that when they need it, the zodiac allows them to be true sharks.


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