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Your August horoscope is here!

August monthly horoscopeAugust monthly horoscope

See your monthly horoscope for the hottest month of the year.



Aries star sign


On August 4, Uranus, the protector of the brave and the rebels, will begin a retrograde movement in Aries and will continue until the end of the year. While Mars is your patron, and Uranus is back in your sign, you should expect the unexpected. We suspect that the Aries will remember this period for a long time because it gives them the enormous chance of breaking the chains that have been weighing them for a long time and break the ropes that prevent them from breathing freely. And there won’t be a boss, spouse, lover, mother or father, who will be able to stop them. The Aries will take  few extremely important life steps that they long for long – and they will do well. Do not listen to anyone, Aries, the universe is working for you now, and whatever decisions you make will be just for good.



Taurus star sign

In August, you’ll be able to get the Taurus to work only if you make the job very interesting and still very well paid. It is important to know, Taurus, that during this period you should not make spontaneous decisions, although summer and vacation project them to such. I advise you, especially about the essential things, to look for the opinion of people around you that you trust. In this case, it will be much better in the end of the summer to regret something you haven’t done than something you did. The other thing you should be aware of, in order to have a calm August is the following – do not overdo anything, even your holidays, or fun. Do not try to be perfect partners, parents or lovers. Just relax. Relax.



Gemini star sign

Do not get involved in intrigues, Gemini. Both in work and in private life. If you are curious about something, ask directly. There are people, who just throw something to irritate others or to check their reaction to a particular issue. Stay away from them and never let them manipulate you. The month is pretty emotional for you. There are unexpected encounters with people of your past, who can get you out of balance. Avoid conflicts. If you feel that the atmosphere is tense, just leave, go out, run away, because right now you can’t rely on your coolness. If you drive, even more, it is a good idea to back off someone else’s seat in August. And say no to extreme sports – at least until the end of the month.



Cancer star sign

Everything that distinguishes you from others is your weapon in August. If you have an infectious laugh – bet your laugh. If you have a sense of humor – use it. If you’re the only one in the company who dares to wear, let’s say, turquoise shoes combined with saffron trousers – be as extravagant as you want. If you are an introvert – stop everything and just do what you want. That’s your motto for August: I say what I think and do what I want. Following this motto, the single within you Cancer will not be single soon (unless they want to). This month you’re expected to be determined and courageous, forget about any fluctuations and simply reach out to what you want. You will get everything because your charisma during this period is irresistible. Just do not hide it.



Leo star sign

If you haven’t been on holiday yet, this is showing in your attitude. The best holiday is not always … a break, you know. To make the best of your vacation, you need to decide whether you need peace of mind or just the opposite – adventure, sports and adrenaline. A far long journey to a place you always dreamt to visit, or any other close and affordable destinations, which you can book tickets for right after reading your horoscope. You need to do something out of the box – now, right away. You need a brilliance in your life to be happy. So take a challenge, Leos! Take risks. If the vacation is already behind you, don’t start important tasks yourself, but get your team involved.



Virgo star sign

From August 13th to September 6th, Mercury is retrograde in your sign, Virgos, and if you need to make long-term commitments – better do it in the first ten days of the month or postpone it. The keyword for August is patience. The retrograde Mercury loves to push the limits of our patience, so do not doubt it will do so now. Because of the retrograde Uranus in Aries, however, know that if your heart is urged to take you in some new direction right now, you will have the blessing of the universe. The month is pretty stormy, but it can be very successful for you if your inner motif of action is not commercial or associated with some self-discovery. Let your heart guide you, not the mind, and the cosmic elements will be with you.



Libra star sign

So many things happen to you at this point, Libras, that it will be a real challenge to handle everything and maintain your good mood. The good news is that the things that happen to you are mostly good, and not much can make you angry. And even if you’re not a fan of pre-planning, in this case it’s a must, if you want to do the job, or have a decent vacation. The fewer August nights you spend at home, the better. August for you looks like – lots of trips, work, love and all this somehow gathered in one. Extremely intense month, one of the busiest of recent years, the results of which will come in the autumn.


Scorpio star sign

Somehow it will turn things around that August, the “deadliest” month of the year, will turn out to be almost a turnaround. You want to change something in your life, and you didn’t find the courage and self-confidence to do it. Scorpios, as usual will react dramatically and dramatize the situation. The bad thing is that you can’t listen to others, but for most of you it is not subject to change. That’s why right now the headline Scorpios is to decide that the time for change has come. Some of you will end up a relationship, others will be thrown into a new turbulent relationships. Others will take on a completely different career. And nothing can stop them.


Sagittarius star sign

Lately, Sagittarius, you are full of demands and no one can please you. Discontent is not sexy and never has been, and you can’t live without that feeling – to be attractive, sought after, desirable. In August fate will send you a gift – a new opportunity to break away from the life you are currently taking and which you do not like so much. You will have to take a serious risk because this new opportunity will also affect the life of your family.You may need to move to another location or travel for a longer period of time. Do it. One should not return the gifts of fate, especially if you need them. The new beginning is always a test, so prepare yourself. Take care of your health and do not forget your closest people for a second.


Capricorn star sign

August is a very strong month for all those Capricorns who work in communications, clients service, or media. You have the energy in abundance, and hope you have already taken a holiday, because it would be a shame to waste it …! And yet I will say it, though it sounds like blasphemy – August is a great month for you to work, it may even be decisive for how things will go by the end of the year. The moment is definitely inappropriate for starting new connections, but it is also very relevant for strengthening the existing ones. Those Capricorns who have recently experienced a crisis in their relationship with their partners must necessarily benefit from the help of the stars and pay as much attention as possible to their loved ones.



Aquarius star sign

The full moon on August 7 is in your sign, Aquarius! You will be well advised to follow this as well as your retrograde Uranus patron in Aries from August 4th to December 31st. Both heavenly events will prompt you to escape from all forms of commitment and will make you more bold in your speech and more obscure in your behaviour. This will surely bring trouble and quarrels, but on the other hand, it is something that you needed. Do only what gives you pleasure, whether people around you approve or not. Actually – do not seek anyone’s approval. The freer you feel, the happier the stars will be, indeed. For the last ten days of the month, organize a short trip. And go alone.


Pisces star sign


Retrograde Uranus in Aries after August 4 will drive us to healthy egoism and if we give it away without remorse, it can give us a lot. Pisces, you love to care for your loved ones, you can’t live without it. Now is the time to think about yourself. What’s happening in your life? How do you want to proceed? Just find the time to get a little balance. August will urge a change in your personal life. Either the relationship you live in is not the one you need, or you have no connection at all. We probably will not be surprised if we tell you the reason is in you. You feel better when you give, and you have not learned to receive. Here’s your theme for reflection. Success!

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