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Your April horoscopes are here! Learn about life post-retrograde!

Hello April, hello spring! Can you feel it? This is life after Mercury retrograde. To be honest past retrograde was one of the hardest and it took a bit for people who don’t even believe in astrology to start reading their horoscopes after acknowledging the power of this specific planet.

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Aries star sign


Even if you are not a supporter of the so-called “slow life,” you will have to practice it in April, Aries. Hard work, especially for dynamic, energetic and ambitious people like you, who always spur fate. Now, however, events will turn around – some projects will slow down, others will have to postpone much further – that you will suddenly fall into the vacuum of free time and unconscious mind. And now it’s time to pay attention to your private life. Especially those of you who have someone in your life, but most of the time till now you had different priorities. Now you can strengthen your relationship and turn it into what people call “serious.” Especially around the full moon in Libra on April 19th.


Taurus star sign


Taurus loves security. For them, the feeling of “security” is particularly important, especially in terms of money and sex. Anything else without these two things may be important to them, but not necessarily. And to be calm about their money and sex, Taurus are ready to perform miracles of bravery and risk their security in all other areas. That’s what will happen in April – they need to take a risk if they want to win. Taurus, your courage will be backed up, and passiveness – punished, you know. Even the most uncertain, at first glance, your endeavors, your most incredible plans carry a huge charge, so pay attention to them and move them forward. Be unpredictable, make surprises – even with the style of clothes and the color of your hair, if necessary. Always choose a more spontaneous and unusual solution.


Gemini star sign


Your impulsiveness, Gemini, will be your biggest enemy in April. You should not allow yourself to make important decisions at a moment of intense emotion. It’s better to look cowardly or indecisive in the eyes of the people around you rather than frankly stupid then when things go wrong. The month is important in professional terms, step carefully. It is best to postpone heavy negotiations, signing of contracts, agreements that even innocent hand shakes for a future partnership. If you have to do any of these things, consider it very seriously. There will surely be consequences, and it is good to think a few moves forward. Do not pull credits right now just switch to waiting mode, not attack. This applies to your personal relationships as well.


Cancer star sign


In the second half of April something will happen in your professional life that will greatly predetermine your career development by the end of the year. This is a great chance that will open you new doors as long as you see it with your intuition not miss it. There is a little probability of this happening, but we want to warn you. Overall, the stars and planets promise you a fairly harmonious and balanced month, Cancer, but they advise you not to act with prejudice about the new people and situations in your environment. You will need to have a great deal of flexibility and combinability to get the best out of it. Recall that your wonderful quality of listening carefully to your inner voice and finally doing whatever you decide. Well, do it this time and be sure it will be the right decision.


Leo star sign


Leos, for many of you April will bring a proposal for a new job, a new position or an additional activity with an extra income. Accept because it will be a good opportunity. Do not be frightened if you have to join a big team. Show your talent to work with people, turn your charisma on. Be active, state your positions and ideas, and know that this is what is expected from you. The month is wonderful for the ambitious representatives of the zodiac – they will be able to take three steps at once in their careers. They only have to act confidently and reasonably. The period is saturated with events and in your love life, we do not know how you will make it to be honest. Being an object of desire of too many people can caress your own self-esteem but also bring you a lot of problems if you are already in a relationship.


Virgo star sign


Virgo knows this, but April will still remind them – you are responsible for every choice and decision. Even if you don’t judge correctly the consequences, they will still exist. Most likely, the consequences in this case will appear in the hurdles that you will encounter in developing important relationships for you (personal or professional, though for Virgos it’s usually both). You will have to have tremendous stubbornness, patience, and put a lot of energy to overcome these obstacles. It is quite possible that money is involved. The month is not very strong in terms of finance, so it seems to us that you will have to wait. The month is best for those of you who run their own business. Especially if they are not breaking the rules right now and acting contrary to the expectations of others.


Libra star sign


Even if you answer “no,” the stars, they will not be touched, Libra. Here are some tips for this totally unpredictable month. Do not put efforts in relationships that obviously have no future. You’ve been doing it for a long time with enormous stubbornness. It is time to stop wasting energy in this direction and targeting other goals. It is important that in April you do not stay in one place, but act, even if it seems to you to be a delusion. Do not accept any other formulas, and do not let others decide for you. This month, nothing is what it looks like, so you can’t foresee much – neither in business nor in love. Act intuitively, work and at the end of the month you will find out that the rabbits come out of the bush than you expected the least.


Scorpio star sign


This April, it’s good not to take anything for real, Scorpios. If you fall in love, do not expect that it will be forever. If you start a new job, do not throw anchor there. If you have no money – do not worry, things will change very soon. Accept that you are in a period of your life when everything changes. This shouldn’t make you sad, on the contrary – enjoy it and live it to the fullest. Do not close doors, do not reject, go out, make new contacts, travel, accept, but do not get attached. While you cannot count on lasting results from any of your activities during the month, it is very important time to have new life experiences. Moreover, nothing prevents you from acting quietly on the important tasks for you, as long as you do not announce them to the world. Let them stay in the dark for now.


Sagittarius star sign


On April 10, Jupiter begins its retrograde movement in your sign, Sagittarius, and it will continue until 11 August. It is time to take a decision that you postpone for quite some time. However, the circumstances now put you close and require an instant reaction. In April, any form of escape or hiding from the problems of postponement and neglect will have negative consequences. However absurd it sounds, sometimes the wrong decision taken on time is better than none. At least you will show character and courage. You will also have to deal with money. You may need to make a new investment that makes you think you are going to grow your business or your professional skills. Our advice is not to generate debts right now. Better think about what you can do with the available funds.


Capricorn star sign


You’re trying to fight battles and win victories on all fronts, Capricorn – at home, with your partner, at work … Why? If you look from the side, you will see that you gain nothing but exhaustion. Forget about these wars, show generosity, loyalty, and you will be rewarded hundreds of times, remember this. Three words – nobility, generosity, compliance. On April 24, Pluto begins its retrograde motion in your sign, which means only one thing – it’s time for internal change. Pluto affects the deepest impulses that are most difficult to control, but you Capricorn are within the people known for their strong mind.  So, Capricorn, forgive, wave back, do not track what you give and what you get. This is salvation.


Aquarius star sign


You have to switch to “Adaptation” mode. In April, you will need to be very flexible in order to adapt to the rapidly changing environment at your workplace. Your energy levels over the month are more than good, so you can do it. We have to warn you that one of the biggest mistakes you can make this month is to do your work mechanically without putting on creativity and soul. Your success is absolutely dependent on your creative approach. Accept the changes, the new people in your environment, the new rules of the game and act on them. Don’t try to return the old order because it is a lost cause. This is the situation at this stage. Get on with this thought and look ahead.


Pisces star sign


In April, Pisces will begin something new, but somehow imperceptible – without banging and crashing, without fireworks, without much expectation. Bravo, Pisces! That’s what you are expecting now – not to oppose the changes, even though you are not very clear where they lead you. It may be about your professional and your personal life. Generally, you will have a dynamic month that will change some of your long-term and even short-term plans. The important thing is to act confidently, and for that you will have to study well what you are going to do. Nothing will fall from the sky, you will have to make your own success, but the good news is that not many obstacles are expected. For some of you, April will bring particularly exciting and happy moments concerning your family and children.

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