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What does the day of the week you were born tells you about?

A Confusing Monday or a Passionate Friday? Like the day you were born, your personal traits are also determined and define your destiny.Photo source: Pinterest

A Confusing Monday or a Passionate Friday? Like the day you were born, your personal traits are also determined.


These people are patronized by the moon. They have enormous energy potential and a great deal of power to realize their most ambitious plans. Alas, doubts often prevent them from embarking on their plans. If Monday’s representatives can reject all the fears they will achieve stunning heights. Their partner must show them love and devotion every day, otherwise jealous “moons” will suspect him of all possible mortal sins. Many people admire their inborn sense of justice and never neglect their valuable advice.


Mighty and self-confident, like the planet Mars, which protects all born on Tuesday. By nature, it is extra-energetic energy. The Martians never leave anything halfway and will not calm down until they have achieved the desired. You can be sure – many of their dreams will come true. They often protect their projects so fiercely, that they can be perceived by others as conflicting. Try to be more loyal and often compromise, especially when it comes to people you love or work with.


According to the universe, some of the most noble people are usually born on Wednesday. They are open to everything new, they are happy to take everything at risk and are very curious. Friends value them for their sincerity, colleagues for their ability to instantly put the main accents in the huge flow of information. This natural prediction and prudence is the merit of the planet-protector, Mercury. People born on Wednesday are elegant, and their elegance is manifested in clothing and manners. They are very jealous. Their partners should not “annoy” them. They feel comfortable in a large group of friends. They are also communicative and love talking about everything in the world.


Thursday is the territory of Jupiter. Those who are born under the influence of this planet look at life from the standpoint of the avid optimists. They are extremely sensual and entertaining. Their personal relationships with the opposite sex are often complicated by the fact that “the children of Jupiter” can not always concentrate on one thing while contemplating several possibilities. Try to choose a partner that is not impulsive, one to whom you will be more relaxed. They are humane and are human defenders willing to do everything for the benefit of others. They can even give up their own opinion just to save the dreams of others. Those born on Thursday adore the bright colors that activate the positive energy in and around them.


The planet that in one way or another protects all born on Friday is Venus. Needless to say, the energy background in these people’s lives is love in all its manifestations? Another feature of Venus – it gives its protectors a special beauty and charm. Their appearance can not leave anyone indifferent to them. The family is their main driving force. In the name of their relatives, they are ready to move mountains and perform actions that they would not dare otherwise under other circumstances. Those born on Friday are not afraid to tell their opponents what they think of them and often criticize others. “Sustainability” and “hard work” are words that perfectly describe their attitude to work.


By nature, people born on Saturday are introverts. And this thanks to Saturn! Outside, these people often create the impression of cold people, but in fact, they actually protect their privacy and are not ready to allow anyone in their comfort zone. At the same time, these are really generous people who will not leave anyone in need if material support is required. Excellent advisers and allies. Their love takes time. They must know the other person very well before agreeing to reveal their soul and secrets to him. They see life as optimistic.


Get ready! If you are born on a Sunday, then your life will be full of adventures. The spirit of adventure, the thirst for distant roaming, bright emotions – all this is prerogative on Sunday. “Life is a full bowl of abundance!” or “Take everything from fate!” is the motto of this everyday life. At the same time, they can not be accused of negligence – they are constantly thinking about the future and doing their best to make tomorrow better than yesterday. Despite the relaxing atmosphere of Sunday, work has a very important place in the lives of people born on that day. As a rule, the profession of people protected by the Sun is associated with creativity.

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