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What are the First 4 Things People Notice About You?

It Takes Seconds for People to Decide These 4 Things About You

Even if we try not to judge people first time we meet them, there are certain subconscious judgments that are unavoidable. Psychologists call it “thin slicing,” a term that describes the ability to find patterns and make judgments based on brief encounters. Sounds interesting, right?

Business Insider reviewed several studies about the decisions people make. According to its research, the way we walk, the clothes we wear, and our facial movements are important to form the way we’re perceived by others. Here are the first things people decide about you within seconds of meeting.

The Glam Magazine

If you’re trustworthy

It takes just one-tenth of a second for someone to decide if you’re trustworthy.

If you’re successful

They say that the clothes we wear speak louder than words about social status and personality.  A study found that people who wear tailored clothing are perceived as more successful than those in loose-fitting attire. (Note to self: find a good tailor!)

If you’re smart

According to Business Insider, looking someone straight in the eye makes you seem more intelligent. Interesting fact is that according to the research wearing thick glasses and speaking expressively can do the trick too.

If you’re adventurous

Interesting to know that the way you walk sends a message to others. The study found that people a short, fast walk are seen as neurotic.


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