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We love: Les Ornements De Chanel, Chanel’s New Year Makeup Collection

Our list today includes the holiday makeup collection Les Ornements De Chanel. Lucia Pica, Chanel’s chief creative of make-up and colors, drew inspiration from ornaments that Mademoiselle Chanel herself loved so much. This should explain the presence of typical Chanel buttons on the highlighters and shadows, unusual color combinations and new lipstick packages.

The Baroque period, dating from the XVII and the beginning of the XVIII century, is characterized by extravagant, bold contrasts, an abundance of luxurious elements and decorations. Rembrandt, Rubens and Velazquez – the list of artists of that time and their work were the main inspiration for Chanel.

The Chanel icon, Rouge Allure, comes in six shades and comes with a new packaging. Lucia Pica advises that we apply very little gloss over Rouge Allure for full gloss.

The Eclat Magnetique De Chanel highlighter comes in a soft pearl shade to help us highlight the face and give the skin the touch it needs.

“A radiant, angelically pure face – the best backdrop for a festive look. Highlighter is applied like a halo around the eyes for a perfect finish,” continues Pique.

Silky shades with a delicate creamy texture of shadows are no less beautiful, and the waterproof eye pencil is the perfect complement to any look.

Don’t forget about the manicure – the holiday collection includes two shades of Le Vernis: lead green and chestnut red.

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