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WARNING! Flip-flops could be harmful for your health!

Pink flip flopsPhoto credit: Instagram.com/miia.poytalaakso

Yes, we know that it is summer and you wouldn’t exchange your pair of Havaianas for ballerinas ( even though they’re just as simple and easy to put on).

Only here, several podiatrists whose American surgeon Christina Long thought fit to remember that the flip-flops are not necessarily the best friends of our feet. Why ? Simply because these shoes can cause us serious issues. Achilles tendon, injuries, lower back pain, spine problems … Specialists also warn for possible adverse effects on the plantar joints. Contraction of the toes at each foot would favor a distortion of the big toe.

The flexibility of the flip-flop/t-strap sandals and the absence of foot support would cause a sagging of the arch of the foot as well as pain in the latter. Not to mention the number of bacteria encrusted in our dry heels … It is also very common to bump the toe, trip and fall because of his flip-flops.

So, to avoid any danger here are some rules to follow: avoid wearing them while driving or running, as well as taking long walks, practicing any sport or walking in the garden. We use them for short periods, at the beach on vacation or at the pool, and most important – try to change the pair every summer!

Choose your shoes wisely and enjoy the rest of the summer.

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