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Travel Diaries: 6 Incredible Italian spots, inspired by Dolce Vita

Positano is the perfect travel destination.

Since we’re in the middle of winter, we can’t stop dreaming about inspiring summer destinations, such as Italy (in the heart of the dolce vita between spaghetti, fashion and gelato).

With desks full of work files and not any prospects of vacation any time soon, the dream of dolce vita is what keeps you going through life right now.

The Italian coast continues to seduce us as a dream destinations, so we offer 6 dream spots.

Discover that happiness is made of simple things, a small ray of sunshine between two colorful buildings and a refined cuisine.

And be careful, you may fall in love!

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  1. Portofino

Welcome to paradise, a small harbour with a thousand colours which you will necessarily fell in love with. The gentle sound of the waves against the cliffs of this small town in the middle of nowhere, will plunge you into a soothing atmosphere under a dream setting!

Portofino is the perfect travel destination.

  1. Lago di Como

Yes, this wonderful country is full of surprises, including this beautiful lake on the Franco-Italian border. In the middle of a mountain, this city takes place to mesmerize with breathtaking natural scenery!

Lake Como is the perfect travel destination.

  1. Positano

Yet another little piece of paradise hidden between two cliffs with a turquoise sea and incomparable charm. Colours that will captivate at first sight! A daydream!

Positano is the perfect travel destination.

  1. Rome

They say all roads lead to Rome and we can quite agree with that. This city is so mysterious and filled with secrets. The proof – the most elegant capital of Europe is full of small spots and mystical streets, where we forget the urban aspect of the thing. Go on an adventure!

Rome is the perfect travel destination.

  1. Sienna

Who doesn’t like a quiet, sunny and unspoilt place? Here, discover that the Italian countryside has a crazy charm beyond an incredible refinement, the beauty and simplicity of life will leave you astonished.

Siena is the perfect travel destination.

  1. Venice

Ah, Venice, gondolas and charming buildings, around the river. A mythical city as the name suggests, but has enormous resources and places unknown to the general public. It is certainly a little risky to venture by wind and tide, but we dare you!

Venice is the perfect travel destination.

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