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These are the top 3 hair colour trends on Instagram right now

Photo credit: maneaddicts.com

When it comes to beauty trends, Instagram has a fast way of creating trends by filling our feeds with endless tutorials and tips. i.e. just what happened with contouring. Another big trend born on Instagram are chrome nails, which reached their peak by being spotted on every celebrity’s insta story.

Currently, hair colour trends are getting an Insta influx. While the names sound bit funny— root beer, champagne bronde —the shades are no joke. Explore the 3 looks taking over Instagram right now.

Warm balayage

Perfect for this season with its warm shade, this look will make you winter-ready as the name suggests. The key is to mix different tones of blonde, with warmer (almost red) shades. Ask your stylist to colour the top and around the face with the brightest pieces.

Warm balayage hair colour trend.
Photo credit: instagram.com/ryan.weeden/

Root Beer

This one is for all brunettes. It’s a way to change your look without having to fully commit, as your hair remains dark thanks to the warm red tints, who add dimension and warmth.

Root beer hair colour trend
Photo credit: instagram.com/chrisgreenehair

Champagne Bronde

Yes you read it right – bronde (that middle ground between brown and blonde), and champagne bronde is its blonder sister. Champagne bronde is quite light, thanks to the strands of white added to the top. Think of it as a lived-in platinum blonde.

Champagne blonde hair colour trend.
Photo credit: instagram.com/ryan.weeden/

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