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It’s time for pleats, pleats, pleats…

Pleats fall trendPhoto credit: Fashiongum.com

A fall trend that is a must have in every closet.

From Ancient Egypt to current days, pleats have been an irreplaceable part of our closets. The aristocracy they bring, made them a key element of the costumes even in ancient Greece. And in the 1920s this type of skirts became a favorite for all ladies.

Today, thousands of designers around the world are using the pleating technique – one of fashion’s eternal classics.

For example, the Japanese designer Issay Miyake shows a different view of this trend with the asymmetrical and non-traditional forms of his creations.

Whether you are in a mood for something different or classic, colorful or neutral – the pleated garment will always add the required dose of chic to your look. You can wear it with both T-shirt and sneakers, as well as with a sweater, boots and long coat. Depends on your imagination (and atmospheric conditions, of course).

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