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These 5 Questions to Recruiters will Help You Nail the Job You Want

A recruiter is the first contact to speak to when you are applying for a job. Learn what are the best questions to ask them during the interview.Photo credit: Shot by Gio

When it comes to job hunting we are familiar with the basics. We know to have a detailed resume, an error-free cover letter. We practice for interview, how strong to be the handshake and what is the best outfit but but as much as we overthink all, there’s one detail we may not pay enough attention to at all: impressing a recruiter.

A recruiter is the first decision maker of who gets to meet with a hiring manager and who doesn’t. And while there are plenty of factors that go into receiving a job offer, failing to impress the recruiter will never reveal those crucial details.

Below we asked professional recruiters what are the best questions to ask during interview, in order to present yourself in best light and nail the job of your dreams.

The Glam Magazine

What type of position is this? This is a good and simple question to see if this job is the right one. It’s probably not the best idea to quit a stable job to work a short-term contract. But if a person is out of work and the position is a contract with option of extention, then that’s a good fit for the candidate.

What are the most important duties? This will give you a clear understanding of what the job is and if it’s actually something that you would like to do. It’ll also help you tailor your résumé to the job accordingly.

What can you tell me about the hiring manager? If the recruiter can tell you anything about the hiring manager, like her position in the company, that’ll help and prepare you for the interview.

Where is the job located?It will help you decide if you should explore this job or not. You should think twice about taking a job that’s more than 30km away due to the cost and time required for commuting.

Why is this position available? This is a good question to identify the status of the company. Maybe it’s a brand new role or  maybe the company is expanding.

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