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The ultimate colour guide to style your denim

Love to wear denim but you don't know how to pair it in the most flattering way? Read The Glam Magazine's guide and stand out from the crowd.Photo credit: Popsugar

Our favourite denim, so versatile and so comfortable and the best part – it comes in variety of shades. Ranging from extremely light to the deepest of indigo shades we all like its endless style options. Since each of those shades are so different from one another, sometimes finding the perfect top to match with can be quite tough. This is why we come to the rescue and we have done the homework for you.

See which colours pair best with in the most flattering way so your jeans look as good as they possibly can. So next time you feel like buying a new pair of jeans, refer back to this to get the best match for it.

And a little bonus, a selection of denim and tops that pair perfectly together. 

The Glam Magazine



A dark burgundy colour will flatter the most this light denim wash. Stay away from white shirts, for example, to avoid your denim shade get washed out.


This wash typically has some fade to it in certain areas. Jewel green tones make this medium-wash jeans stand out by bringing out the darker shading found in the denim.

Dark Medium

No one can deny that this denim wash looks great paired with navy blue (French chic?). The two different shades of blue end up bringing out the best in each other in the most chic way.


There’s no other colour that looks better with a classic dark denim than red. The contrasting jewel tone of red makes the dark wash of these jeans look more expensive.


When choosing the darkest wash of denim, opt for one of the brightest and happiest colours that come to mind—yellow? The rich dark-blue colour will make your yellow look brighter than the sun.


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