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The secrets of Korean beautiful skin

The skin of the Koreans looks impeccable: perfectly smooth, clean like porcelain. It is not just about genetics, but also about care

The skin of the Koreans looks impeccable: perfectly smooth, clean like porcelain. It is not just about genetics, but also about care – the beauty ritual of the Koreans consists of several stages. We will tell you in detail about them.

  1. Snail extract

    This is the most popular ingredient in cosmetic products in Korea. The benefits of snail mucus have been discovered not so long ago – the first studies are since 1960. Scientists have then made clear that this secretion has healing properties and contains collagen and elastin. Just what we need!

  2. Step-by-step cleaning

    Evening cleansing can last for 15 minutes and this is normal. It is Koreans who have invented hydrophilic oils – they are capable of removing even the strongest makeup. The first step of cleaning is to remove makeup with oils. The second stage – cleanses the skin with a washable foam. The third last step is exfoliation, which releases the pores of the skin from dirt and removes dead cells. Thus the skin is completely regenerated.

  3. BB cream instead of foundation

    According to the Koreans, the foundation dries the skin and contains a large amount of unnecessary ingredients. But BB Cream is a hybrid between a toning and moisturizing product and is a hit in Asian decorative cosmetics.

  4. They often change products

    Unlike American or European consumers, Korean women do not miss out on every new bestseller on the cosmetics market. The market is set up so that each season a new product appears, which is then replaced by a new product. Koreans themselves are accustomed to constantly changing their products and do not stick to the same. Thus, the skin does not get used to the same ingredients, but remains receptive to different formulas.

  5. Sun protection

    Koreas do not like tan at all. On the contrary – they value the white porcelain skin. And, as evidenced by science, they see the direct relationship between skin aging and sunlight and strive to delay the appearance of the first wrinkles. Koreans hold the SPF factor in every product – cream, BB cream, even these type of cushion.

  6. Sheet masks

    These mask are a constant part in Korea’s beauty ritual. They are made of cotton and contain natural extracts: aloe, milk proteins, snail secretion, clay and others. Masks must compensate for the lack of moisture in the skin and nourish it. Some use them every night.

  7. Oils, oils, many oils!

    Asians like to nourish the skin with oils! To put it on your skin several times is not a problem for them. Coconut oil, argan and other light oils are applied under the cream and used as a mask.

  8. Home peeling

    This is one of the main hits in Korean cosmetics. Koreas are obsessed with cleansing and refreshing the skin and make face peeling 2-3 times a week. For many women this is too common, but Koreans do not think so. And they have a thick skin that gets wrinkles late.

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