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The makeup trends you need to know this season

Modern makeup is extremely versatile, which means you have a great choice of exactly what to choose for this winter season.

Before you get to know the latest trends in makeup, remember the simple rules you have to follow regardless of trends.

These rules are:

Let your makeup respond to the event you are visiting.

Makeup is designed to hide flaws on the skin and face as well as to highlight your beautiful features. Its purpose is to give expression to the eyes and sensuality of the lips.

Remember that modern makeup is extremely versatile, which means you have a great choice of exactly what to choose for this winter season.

We present the five makeup trends for this season.

Trend 1: Emphasis on the lower eyelid

The focus on the eyes is obtained by applying multiple layers of mascara on the lashes. Today, more and more women prefer to focus on the lower eyelid by sticking fine artificial eyelashes on it.
Using decorative cosmetics will help you achieve an incredible effect in highlighting the eyes. The wide range of eye makeup products includes eye liners, mascaras, eye shadows, eye pencils and other enhancement and beauty products.

Trend 2: Natural and colorless brows

Unlike past trends, the latest fashion gives a complete twist to the eyebrows that are left untouched and in their natural look. This bold trend is typical for the end of 2018 and will continue in early 2019.

Trend 3: Colorful shadows

Modern ladies love rich colors and opt for rich palettes. Trends in this direction are the selection of pink, bright yellow, red, orange, blue, green as well as the application of neon shadows on the eyelids for better mood and freshness in the dark winter days. If you find it difficult to find an appropriate palette for your color shadows, you can target the products of Mac Cosmetics or Huda Beauty.

Trend 4: Lips without clear contour

The latest trends for the season exclude the use of a lip pencil to leave lips with blurry borders and without a clear contour. The colors are rich – purple, burgundy or red, which emphasizes the sensuality of the lips.

Trend 5: Metal or silver eye shadows 

The gold or silver shimmer is on trend. You can easily achieve this effect by taking advantage of Charlotte Tilbury’s products. In this collection you will find a products with metallic effect, bronzing powder, liquid bronze with applicator and many other products that will help you keep up with the latest trends in make-up.
Try following these trends this winter season to look different and more impressive than ever before!

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