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The makeup trend you need to try this fall

Although we enjoy the summer, we will soon be going through that strange transition period that makes the preparation in the morning about ten times more difficult. Those days when temperatures gradually fall and we do not know what to wear or what make-up to apply on our faces.

However, this trend is coming from late summer, which is likely to take place in the autumn.
We are talking about the bold green eye shadows in different hues that have recently conquered Hollywood.

When we think about it, the green is the perfect choice because it is neither too bright nor too ordinary to be boring. “Green is a very strong color, but it still reminds of freshness, which is a big trend now,” says star makeup artist Roccal Lezama (he works with Beyonce, Kim K, Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande so we can definitely trust him).

We share some inspiration from the stars that you can also try.

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