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The It-girl everyone is obsessed with…Gilda Ambrosio

There is something as typical and not so typical Italian in the GIRL that everyone is following at the moment. She’s 26, born in Naples, Aquarius… she’s Gilda Ambrosio. The designer and fashion influencer who you want to stop watching for the simple reason that you can not stop looking.

Part of the creative duo behind Attico, a brand which she launched in February 2016 with another girl we love – Giorgia Tordini. As the label achieves a serious fashion success, the brunette conquers designer peaks, and we are more in love with the designs of her brand …

And she … she is stylish, very Italian, with a mesmerising eyes and mermaid long hair. Enough said, now it’s time to enjoy some of her best looks in the gallery above.

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