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The color that brings optimism in your daily life

The yellow color attracts the eye, and makes people smile with the lightness it radiates. When we are surrounded by yellow, we want to move and dance.Photo credit: fashionmagazine.com

Yellow is often the favorite color of people who are witty and creative. People who are reasonable, honest, fair and have a high level of optimism. The yellow shades have neither the intense fury of the red nor the cold indifference of the blue. This color attracts the eye, and the lips involuntarily form a smile from the fully childish sense of lightness it radiates.

You can even say that yellow in psychology plays the role of forming an independent person. People who prefer this color have a clear mindset that always allows them to be themselves.

The psychology of yellow is quite simple – it is summarized in “you have to be yourself”. When you want to wear yellow clothes, you actually want to make sure that you are in tune with the outside world.

One important “but” – never wear yellow shades during an interview. This gives you the opposite feeling that you want to influence his opinion. Why not wear this color if you want a promotion here?

This color belongs to the “warm” part of the color spectrum, but is located at the very border of the active colors, which include red and orange. Therefore, its stimulating effect is less pronounced, acts tonic, invigorates, but does not burden the physiological processes.

However, the invigorating effect of yellow is clearly visible as it: stimulates nervous system activity, helps with apathy and depression; improves vision; activates motor centers; increases muscle tone; slightly reduces pressure; optimizes heart and breathing. It is not surprising that when we are surrounded by yellow, we want to move, dance and jump as a child. Yellow is just a “holiday”.

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