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The best white tees to shop now, according to fashion girls.

The white tee is a staple in every wardrobe. We listed some of our favourite ones.

The history of the white T-shirt goes back to the 19th century and its original use was in the form of underwear, mainly for men. After many years of fashion history and development, today it is essential for any wardrobe, whether male or female, under a variety of alternatives from brand logos to print models.

Today, the white T-shirt is what often saves us from the outfit drama at 7.30 am. That major element in the wardrobe, which has come to help when we wonder what to wear. Its unpretentious cut, design, and colour allow it to be matched with almost everything, promising the end result to keep up with trends.

The variations of white t-shirts in the shops are endless and they do not stop to multiply in all sorts of ways, and we just can’t keep up. We like to opt for prints that manage to make our mood better.

In the gallery below, we have featured our favourite, trendy white tees at the moment.

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