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The Best Skincare according to your Astro Sign

The most useful beauty horoscope, which products to buy according to your astrological sign.

The most useful horoscope yet and something we wanted to know for a long time – skin care based on your star sign.

We converted the zodiac to deliver the best skin care regime for each sign.

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Aries star sign


The element of your sign is fire so you’re talking literally you’re prone to stress rashes. You don’t tend to stick to something for a long time to see if it works. Give 12 weeks for products and you’ll see the benefits of commitment.

To make it easy for you, we advise to skip exfoliation and opt for gentle cleanser from Clarins then finish with Kiehl’s Midnight recovery oil.


Taurus star sign


Taureans have the tendency to get stuck in a rut and honestly hate changes. If you’re using the same moisturiser for 10 years that’s ok but may be it’s time to make room for new products, which might work better.

Take advantage of the current trend of natural products and try out Organics Drink up Mask, which is based on algae.


Gemini star sign


Gemini tend to be quite indecisive. Avoid testing too many product at once to avoid confusion, which might be the worst for your skincare regime because they’re based on trial and error.

Experiment with cleansers because they’ll do the biggest difference to your skin. Try Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, then one based on oil and another based on cream, until you find which one works the best for your skin. Most importantly test one product at the time so they’re more effective.


Cancer star sign


Your super sensitive side stretches further than your emotions. Your skin is often reacting bad to chemicals. Cancer sign is ruled by the stomach so good skin stars from within.

Buy gluten free oat milk, calm down your regime, then try probiotic skincare like Aurelia Probiotic Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser.


Leo star sign


As lover of all thing bold and shiny, Leo take this down to their makeup. You better take time to reset your skin and stop the experimental approach you usually have when it comes to products.

Stop leaving makeup traces on your face and buy a cleansing water like Bioderma Micellar Water.


Virgo star sign


You’re a very sensitive sign and addicted to routine, which is great when it comes to your skin care but sometimes you need to break the rules.

Add variety to your routine with Kiehl’s Line Reducing Concentrate and opt for oil-free cleanser like La Roche-Posay Effaclar Hydrating Cleansing Cream.


Libra star sign


You love balance and mixing products is your thing. After all prettifying is Libra’s favourite. Try bold make-up to attract the attention once in a while.

As Libra you’re well behaved but try to break out your comfort zone while keeping the balance with a good primer and make-up remover like Clinique Take The Day Off Eye Makeup Remover Stick.


Scorpio star sign


As the “femme fatale” of the zodiac you like do go through transformations. ¬†This requires often exfoliation of your skin.

Double cleanse, in order to remove all makeup and revive your skin. You’re expressive so ppt for a good eye product like Clarins Multi-active Instant Eye Reviver.


Sagittarius star sign


You’re stubborn and you never know when to stop so the Korean beauty routine is perfect for you (and it gives more excuses to shop products, admit it you love it).

Too much is definitely too much, so tone it down and use hydrating masks twice a week. Like Erborian’s Bamboo Shot Mask.


Capricorn star sign


You have a tendency to be hard on yourself and you love luxury so if this is the way to go, so be it.

Invest in high end products like La Mer’s Moisturising Cream or Chanel Hydra beauty. They have great ingredients that work and come in pretty packaging too.


Aquarius star sign


You tend to get stuck in your own head, Aquarius, so don’t let your skin care routine become a laborious chore. Indulge in regular massages and spa routines.

When it comes to products choose pampering body exfoliators and bath and oils and foams like Lush bath bombs.


Pisces star sign


A Pisces without a regular hydration is like fish out of water. You require nourishment and glamour and shimmery makeup is your favourite.

Use Sisley’s Black Rose Mask to get into the deeper layers of your skin. It will make you want to wear less makeup too.



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