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Do this Sunday Night Facial for Glowing Skin All Week

Sunday night facial for great skin results.Photo credit: intothegloss.com

We’re one of these people who have established a Sunday night skin ritual that no one can interrupt. There is no better way to prepare your complexion for the week ahead. Read through our best tips for making your skin glow well from weekend to weekend.


  1. Give yourself a facial

When done right, a facial can leave your skin dewy and fresh-looking for an entire week. Start with an exfoliating peel to deep clean your pores. Follow with a hydrating face mask, and take the time to sleep. It will boost your skin like nothing else.

  1. Fill up on antioxidants

Food is an essential part of your beauty routine. Prep many anti-oxidant rich meals like berries. Foods with omega-3 fatty acids like salmon can have soothing anti-inflammatory effects. Almonds do miracles in retaining the moisture of your skin, because they’re rich in biotin and vitamin E.

  1. Make sure you get enought sleep

Beauty rest isn’t a myth but it’s vital to looking your best. Some thoughtful prepping on Sunday will allow you to sleep in a little longer on work days. Dark circles- Out, dewy skin-In.

  1. Have a workout

Exercising not only makes you feel good but helps your skin look much better. Also, working out can help lower stress levels—and less stress means less breakouts. Win-win.

  1. Do a cleanse

A detoxing juice on a Sunday night can reboot your system and get it ready for the week ahead. Flushing out the toxins not only clears out bad bacteria, but can prevent you from getting sick.


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