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Sun protection in 2018: 3 steps for follow

Skin care during summer is a top priority and SPF products are must. See what are the 3 steps to follow for achieving the best tan.

It’s summer and protecting your skin from the summer goes with high priority.

Using SPF products is a must not just at the beach. You can have a beautiful tan this year if you follow three steps – before, after and during the sea holidays.

Do not we forget something? No, we can not forget that all these nice things (must) go together with sunscreen products. Because in the summers we all want to have a tan, but without sacrificing the beauty and youth of our skin.

That’s why we’re setting up a new three-step sunscreen routine this year that will provide you with an even and sexy tan without any side-effects.

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    1. Step 1: 15 days before the holiday

      Besides thinking about what to pack in your luggage, it’s important to start smoothly preparing your skin for sunbathing. This will help you tan faster and the tan will be even and beautiful. A healthy diet will help you not only look better in that sexy swimsuit but also have a better tan. Eat more tomatoes because of their antioxidants, as well as carrots, apricots and peaches, which, thanks to the beta carotene ingredient, help our skin get a more beautiful tan. However, if you want to make sure that your body is ready for sunbathing, bet on supplements. Do not forget to exfoliate the skin at least 2-3 times a week before your holiday – so your tan will be more even.

    2. Step 2: On the beachThis is the most important step – sunscreen products. Apply at least 15 minutes in advance, as this ensures that the protective components are activated. Do not forget to apply again after 2 hours, and after each exit from the water. Why is this important? Because that’s how you guarantee that the product will protect your skin and will not burn at the end of the day. Do not waste the product, apply it well to cover all areas. It is also important to use individual facial and body products. You don’t apply your body lotion on your face, right? Our other advice is to start with a product with a high protective factor (50 if you are whiter and 30 if you have a darker tan) to allow the skin to get used to the sun, and after a few days you can go to a lower SPF.

  1. Step 3: After beachThe third step is just as important as the other two – skin care after sunbathing. It is not enough to apply an ordinary moisturizing body lotion. You need a product that will also soothe the skin, keep it young, prevent any irritation, and prolong and reinforce the acquired sunburn. It’s good to have a cooling effect to keep your skin fresh. We recommend that you apply plenty after you have washed the sunscreen from your skin. You can also use it after you come back from holidays to keep your tan longer.


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