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The stars have spoken! February horoscope is here!

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Even though February is the shortest month of the year, it won’t be short on excitements especially around 15th of the month when is there is a big eclipse happening. Strap on your shoes and let’s get started!



Aries star sign


Count on help

And alone Aries is Aries – the motto of your life, isn’t it, Aries? In February, however, you will have to stand on someone’s shoulder if you don’t want just to go through the “bumps” of the month, but also to handle the tasks which were prepared for you. And they are not very few. You will need to work hard, but also to start some kind of training – maybe just an internship, or something like that. Look seriously at this. Limit the senseless spending, meeting friends who mostly complain and do not waste energy on things that are not yours. Focus on the essentials – family, children especially (pay special attention this month), work and closest friends. Learn to ask for help.



Taurus star sign

Do not save yourself

In February, you unlock a great period in your life, Taurus! Very inspiring and open to new people and experiences. The Singles will meet a brand new person who will “take their heads off”, as they say, and some of them will be willing to put their whole life in the feet of this person. So be it, live it up! Do not think too much, follow your intuition and know it’s best when you’re not passive. Don’t save yourself, give your heart, then you will think it! The family Taurus will also experience emotional storms, we would even say they will spin in them like a vicious tornado. Our advice to you is the same – go through the storm. It may then turn out that it wasn’t real.



Gemini star sign

Decisiveness – on a short occasion

We love the determination of the Gemini! They simply snap their fingers and do it. Somehow from heart and without damages. This determination is their most powerful card but also the biggest problem. In February, Gemini, it’s good to keep your determination short. If you listen to us, we promise just a tense, but without any unpleasant consequences month. No, you will definitely not be able to do whatever you want and honestly – that’s for your best! Your courage is your worst advisor. Whether it’s work or your personal life, let your partners lead. We wouldn’t say that you have a strong working period, so plan and prepare and let it go.



Cancer star sign

Watch out for the temptations

We’ll start your horoscope back, Cancer. In the last ten days of February you will be able to relax and enjoy life as well as traveling. Do your best to free this “cut-off” from any work commitments (unless work is your greatest passion), and whatever lurking the month before, think you’ll finally … let go of it. In the middle of the month, you will be forced to communicate with a group of people who associate you with nothing but a professional interest. It may also be a nasty clash with state institutions, banks or legal entities. The beginning of February will tempt you with a sudden opportunity for a serious change in your life (marriage, work abroad), but the sooner you forget about it, the better.



Leo star sign

In your best shape

It’s time for big changes! Leos, the month will give you some extraordinary opportunities – to move on to a new, higher, or even leadership position in your current profession, to take on a new path you’ve long dreamed of, a risky love adventure that will infuse adrenaline in your blood, and in general all you’ve been missing lately! The single Leo will be in the swirl because they will be able to plunge with full handfuls of the overfilled sack of gifts of fate without respecting anything or anyone. The only thing they have to be careful about are conflicts, because they will be more aggressive than usual. And on top of everything you will have money.



Virgo star sign

No risk

The shortest month of the year will be the most erratic in emotional terms for the Virgos. On one hand, you will find prospects that will keep you in a constant euphoric mood. On the other hand, as these prospects are farther in time, the current stagnation of your affairs makes you nervous. Through February you will be “down and down, up and down, and up,” but you really have no reason for worries. Everything is going as planned. You will have some more free time – use it to pay attention to people around you and listen to them. It is important. Do not in any way force the events and take no risks.



Libra star sign

Common sense

What do Libra want? In the first place – a complete harmony and balance between personal and professional life, between inner and social life. There are zodiac signs that are far easier to endure a continuous imbalance without consequences. Second – success, recognition, career, money. Even if you do not recognize it. In February, this sign will have so many options that there is a danger of falling into stupor. Allow Libra to choose and enjoy the show. Libra, switch to “common sense” mode and do not let emotions and illusions lead you. Without experiments. No sudden actions, no sudden decisions. Be practical. Be realistic.



Scorpio star sign

Big dream

It looks like you’re living in a frozen kingdom, Scorpios. So it seems to you, isn’t it? We have good news for you – Spring is coming. Well, it will not be exactly in February, but it has already started, so soon the ice will melt and wake you up. With this poetic introduction, we want to reassure you, Scorpios! Your lethargic period continues, but at the same time it’s a very creative time for you. Without real results, but with a very intense inner life, with lots of impressions and experiences. Just two or three months later you will find out. Now, accumulate energy and do not think that you’re wasting your time. Your love life is also sleeping hibernation. Do not force yourself.



Sagittarius star sign

At the start

For Sagittarius, 2018 will be wonderful and it looks like miracles begin in February. The only condition is to bury the old fears and turn their backs on the past. Forget the love disappointments, failures, and the people you associate with them and look ahead. Make a plan and start acting. Stars give you a green light for everything you want, whether it’s work or love. You will only get support for your true dreams. Be courageous and take the first step, even if it seems impossible to you. We tell you – you can achieve anything. Just do something to give a sign to the universe.



Capricorn star sign

That’s the way

Even if one person stays with you, do not think you are on the wrong path. It’s temporary. We would call it “in the horror trail” with the clarification that, as with any such attraction, the horrors are fake, but they could really scare you. In February, Capricorns will take some form of isolation from rest of the world and indulge in work. The point is not to come to extremes – neither in self-isolation nor in workaholism. Your family and closest friends, or even just a close friend, are all you need. Pay attention to your health. Above all, refuse to control the person next to you. Engaged Capricorns will have serious problems in their relationship. Breathe, it will pass.



Aquarius star sign

Take control of your life

February is a very productive month for Aquarians. It’s only the beginning of the year, and they’re already collecting the benefits of what they’ve achieved. You’ll finish long-awaited projects, Aquarius. Figuratively speaking, everything earned in the last months or even years will now be spent. Because you did a lot of work, and you did not get what you were supposed to. But the mechanism of the universe is flawlessly fair, and every delay has its reason. Even endeavors launched within the month can come to a happy ending. And we can tell you: you will realize the mistakes you have made and this is a big step forward for you. You will revise your attitude towards many people from your immediate environment. Finally.



Pisces star sign

No satisfaction

When the life of the Pisces is filled with adventures and changes, they immediately begin to want stability and security. And vice versa. In February, they will achieve the long-awaited stability of their lives, they will enjoy five minutes and start complaining that they are bored. Stop rotating in this vicious circle of impossible satisfaction, Pisces. Unless you like it, of course. The month will challenge you to switch to “discipline and responsibility” mode. It is possible for some of you to start a new job with certain schedules and standards that need to be followed. Accept it as learning process, even if you do not like it.

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