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Splash your way to flawless skin

Image of splash your way to flawless skinLatest trend in beauty is to splash your face for a flawless skin

Korea has given us countless strange beauty trends that we’ve come to love. Starting with the sheet masks, they never cease to amaze us. It doesn’t help when we see how flawless their skin is, and it only furthers are eagerness to try out the new fad they swear by.

Well, more recently they’ve come out with the strangest yet. How do you feel about splashing your face repeatedly and calling it a mask? Splash masks are all the rage in Korean beauty as of late. These little bottles filled with water are all anyone can talk about lately. Wondering how they work yet? It’s pretty straightforward.

Splash water masks come in the form of a liquid similar to toners, and this liquid contains a concentrate of many amazing ingredients – some exfoliating and some brightening. You simply follow the directions which ask you to get a capful of the liquid diluted with water, and then you splash away.

It really is as simple as that. You splash your face and pat the product into your skin for about 15 to 30 seconds. This method promises to give you instantly plumper, fresher and more radiant skin without dealing with the hassle of washing the mask off.

Is this a trend you think you’ll try out?

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