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Shoe Shopping: 6 pairs of pink sneakers to make everyone jealous

7 pairs of pink sneakers to make everyone jealousPhoto credit: Pinterest

Dedicated to all modern princesses!

You might look tough on the outside but those who know you, know that you are sweet like a caramel.

You dream of your prince charming and love to go out but still enjoy the combo cat + chocolate; you’re strong in front of your team but lose all your means when watching a film with Ryan Gosling; laugh loud but do not dare to remember what made you upset the day before … In short, you are a millennial young woman in all its splendor and all its flaws!

And when it comes to fashion, this translates into an endless love for a comfy pair of sneakers and in parallel, an unconditional love for the pink and glitter.

After all you are right, one does not prevent the other. Quite the contrary! The combination of the two can be even better.

The proof are these 6 pairs of pink sneakers, the most desirable color of the moment, that will certainly fill all your desires!



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