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Post Christmas detox: 4 drinks to cleanse your body with!

Lemon water to detox your bodyPhoto source: healthalike.com

Water with lemon, aloe vera juice, coconut and ginger water would do miracles to your body!

Christmas is now over and we’re already looking forward to New Year’s Eve but let’s admit our bodies have been through a lot for the past month.

Yes it was lovely Chtistmas dinner but with all the sweet pies, meat and wine our bodies need to recover and get ready for the next big event in just few days! After all we don’t want to look bad in our new party dresses, right?

You can always count on us to look after you, this is why we consulted specialists and we are sharing their recommendations on healthy drinks to detox your body and prep it for the rest of the festive season!

These few quick and easy detox drinks could be also included in your daily menu. And don’t forget that besides the toxins in the body, it is good to get rid of the toxic emotions (and leave them all in 2017). The two things are inextricably linked.


  1. A glass of water with lemon

Drinking water with freshly squeezed lemon juice releases the body from toxins and improves digestion. If we include this drink in the morning menu, in two weeks we will feel a tide of energy and strength.

Lemon water to detox your body
Photo source: Instagram
  1. Coconut water

It is said to be Madonna’s favorite drink. Coconut water is rich in vitamins and potassium, which maintains the balance of insulin in the body and strengthens the heart and muscles. Coconut water is ideal for recovery after physical exhaustion because it contains electrolytes close to the blood.

Coconut water to detox your body
Photo source: Instagram
  1. Aloe Vera juice

You need to check if it is bio-originated. Consumed in diluted form, but if you buy concentrate, the maximum dose is 60 ml per day, divided into 3 times 20 ml. Aloe Vera is a powerful antioxidant and increases immunity.

Aloe Vera water to detox your body
Photo source: Instagram
  1. Ginger’s Water

You can do it yourself by soaking fresh ginger in water over night and straining it in the morning. Excellent remedy for calming the stomach, increases metabolism and helps with heartburn according to eastern medical practices.

Ginger, Lemon water to detox your body
Photo source: Instagram

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