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The Planets wrote your March Horoscope! Read Now and Rock This Month…

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Life is like a box of horoscopes with a bit of everything and you always hope that next  one will be even better. The planets have spoken and all we did was translate this and deliver to you!

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Aries star sign

Small pebbles

At the end of the month – March 22 – Mercury starts retrograde movement in your sign, Aries. For this reason, try to pull earlier all important business issues, as well as making decisions, signing contracts, negotiating, and so on. Do not worry, do not dramatize situations and act practically. And most importantly, be realistic and get off the clouds. Any neglected circumstance, especially in your workplace, will later take vengeance. It is not time for dreams and plans, but for sober judgments, categorical and precise decisions. This also applies to your love life, in which you have left things run on their own for a very long time. You miss small pebbles that can twist the car.



Taurus star sign

Overcome yourself

You love when everything is happening with an ease, but this is not always possible. Making a Taurus work to grow faint is something that can’t happen, he is not such a person. In March, however, the representatives of this zodiac will need at least a little bit of will and persistence if they want to achieve their goals. Since you have a highly competitive spirit (in the good sense of the word), it will probably motivate you to have some sort of “competition” that you will need to take into consideration. There is no time for laziness and distraction, Taurus! On the love front everything is calm and if you do not feel excited, do not look for guilt in yourself. Perhaps the person next to you is experiencing something you do not even know about. Show them that you will be together regardless of anything. Egoism is contraindicated at this time.



Gemini star sign

Pay attention

You, Gemini, will also have to comply more closely with the other Mercury retrospective signs that come into force on March 22. Above all, because you are in the middle of a project, deal or other business venture, and you can’t just go back or stop working. So, triple attention to the risk mistakes, delays and misunderstandings not only on your part but also on behalf of your partners. Do not rely on yourself only, for anything. Let there always be a trustworthy colleague or friend who does not easily lose his temper. The moon will predispose you to be more hotheaded, so be careful with it. In general, however, the stars are well positioned for you and your deeds. We would even say that you may be expecting success and revenue.



Cancer star sign

No sacrifices

The less is more – this is your motto for March 2018, Cancer. Do not make unnecessary sacrifices for anything and for anyone. Do not throw an enormous effort, do not push the throttle into a hole just and at all costs to manage what you have done. Cancer are a very stubborn sign, and when they decide something they definitely do not read horoscopes, wondering whether to take it or not. And yet – in March, things will happen without much effort. And things that you spend a lot of time and energy on will turn out to be irrelevant. So do not overdo it. The period is most conducive to gaining new knowledge and skills – attend courses, workshops, seminars. Update your professional qualification. You will soon thank yourself for this.



Leo star sign

March at max

A passionate month awaits Leos – both sweet and bitter. Some of them will experience great love, which will leave a mark on their emotional life. In any case, this love relation will be “inconvenient” and “impossible” – a single with married, big age gap, social status, and so on. This is a test of the feelings you just need to go through. In March, you will generally be prone to take risks, including unconscious. Can you afford them? Be careful, at least, not to involve other people into your business, especially if it’s linking to money. You will be quite busy at work, but during the last decade of the month you will come with lovely days of rest and perhaps travel. Enjoy them and do not let the retrograde Mercury bother you at all.



Virgo star sign

Be brave

March, as it was in January, is a month with a Blue Moon, meaning, with two full moons. The first one is on March 2 and is in your sign, Virgo. It tells you to take care of yourself. This is the best you can do. The beginning of the month is also suitable for launching a personal project. It does not necessarily have to do with your full time job, it may be just your own venture. Be brave, if you have such ideas, you will get powerful support from the stars. Right now, do not think about career development or increasing financial revenue, but rather about what you really want to do with your dreams. A person in your family or your very close circle of friends will turn to you for help or just to share a problem. Do not ignore it. Your paths with this person are intertwined in a special way and that will continue.



Libra star sign

Believe in your choices

The second full moon for the month, i.e The blue moon will be in your sign, Libra – on March 31st. This fact, combined with the Mercury retrograde March 22, in your opposing Aries sign suggests that you are expecting an interesting last decade. You have to be very careful in the relationships with both your colleagues and your partners at work, as well as with your family, friends and your loved ones. The month will be emotional and active and will not give you much time and opportunities for rest. Most importantly, do not allow yourself to return to people and things from the past. No old love that reappears, or ex-employers trying to get you back. Be clear. Your finances are in perfect condition. Believe in yourself, work and look ahead!



Scorpio star sign

Actions, not words

Jupiter, the planet of prosperity, is retrograde in your sign, Scorpios, from March 9 to July 10. During these months some problems that you have forgotten for a long time, or you haven’t been able to solve will pop up. You will need to focus on them. Do not rely on your luck but take action. It may be a health problem that you have underestimated. It may be a bad habit or a family issue. Or the fact that you have avoided intentionally. All these things will inexorably stand in your way. Allow them, because if you pass them away they will return with double force. Be uncompromising – leave, solve, treat yourself. Stars will only report actions, not words.



Sagittarius star sign

Anything is possible

A great month for the actively working Sagittarius! They will feel the sweetness of success both in terms of career development and their finances. They will receive recognition from the others and from their bosses, and their insecurities will disappear. They will also receive a proposal for their further development. March will be filled up with meetings and events, Sagittarius. A very dynamic month in which you will have the chance to make sure you have exact judgments about the people you have surrounded. Your intuition works flawlessly, do not overlook it. This is not the time to start new projects. Now just collect the fruits of the past ones. Better take time for your family, as you do not turn around at home lately. Practice sports, if possible do a cleanse of your body.



Capricorn star sign

Chance for a new start

Inaccessible becomes available to you in March, Capricorn. You will finally choose the right way – to accept the most unpleasant truths and integrate them into your life. When this happens, the clouds above your head will disappear and you will see a clear blue sky. The strong will of Capricorn has always worked with them, and against them. Sometimes they are the most fearsome enemies for themselves. In March, you will have to resist a number of provocations that will aim to deny you good intentions. You want the big change of your life (which you do not want to do) to finally finish and start clean, but someone is trying to get you back. Do not let it. Train. Discipline yourself. Take your responsibilities. This is the only way to regain your self-confidence and to get on a healthy ground.



Aquarius star sign

Step back

You are now devoted to your work, Aquarius, and everything else comes second. Nothing bad, as long as you do not overdo it. You’ve got invested too much in this job, and you’re starting to lose the big picture, and this is bad for your career. Sometimes, you know, it’s a good thing to pull back, see the direction you’re headed in, and evaluate. Only this review will help you take the next step in your professional development. Joker from us – you allow people in your immediate circle who you should not trust in any way. This March, focus on your personal life. Let others show off now.



Pisces star sign

Wake up

You have to do a hundred things this month – just as you like. Some of you will appear in a competition, casting or some kind of race. Others will make important decisions about their family status. The third will begin a relationship that will prove to be more serious than they think. Other will do all this almost at once. No other sign of the zodiac will be as energetic as the Pisces. We will only pray for them to have the energy not to do any mistakes. And also to remember, basic things that are keeping their lives together. Do not put at risk any of these things, Pisces! There is a tremendous risk of infidelity for married Pisces, and considering their March temperament, we do not know who can stop them. Beware, the spring demons are chasing them.

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