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How To: Pack like a Pro for Your Summer Break

Amalfi summer breakPhoto credit: Positano.com

If you have any plans to escape the blazing heat and head somewhere a little milder this summer, you may be facing the massive dilemma of what to bring and what you could possibly leave behind. Here’s our list of packing essentials for your summer break, and some words of wisdom to ease the packing pain.

Check the weather forecast

First things first, check the weather forecast for where you will be and plan your outfits accordingly. No matter how hot it’ll be during the day, don’t underestimate how cool the nights can get. Make sure you bring some chic layers.

Create complete outfits

If you have a rough plan for how you’ll be spending your days, try and make a list of outfits and create head to toe looks to bring along. This saves you from throwing in a bunch of random pieces that just don’t work together.

Step away from the heels

There is a huge temptation to bring along all our fave pairs of heels, but it’s very likely that you’ll be relaxing in flats most of the time. Save the space and take your one favourite pair that you can throw on in the evenings.

Roll, don’t fold

To maximize space so you can take more of your favourite things, roll your clothes. This also helps to limit the creasing that folding results in.


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