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How the month of birth defines your personality?

Birth month effect on your personalityFind out how your birth month defines your character

Your birth month can be very important in determining your future or your personality. People born in the same month usually have common personality characteristics. This may seem unbelievable, but your month of birth may reveal certain traits of your character like your thoughts, attitudes …

Some think that the alignment of planets affects our personality, others think that it is because the different seasons influence our way of thinking, acting and managing our relationships with others. Many of us believe in astrology, because the dates are often decisive.

So find out what your birth month says about you and your personality!


Women born in January are quite reserved, they express their feelings with difficulty even if they are very sincere. They usually have great ambitions about their professional and personal life because they want the best for those, who are dear to them. They still know how to remain cautious, serious and realistic in their expectations. They like to communicate with people who resemble them, so they feel more in tune with themselves.



The girls of the month of February are the most romantic and they are great dreamers and lovers of life. They must be treated with patience, tenderness, love, respect and delicacy. They are free spirits like the wind, who cherish abstract thoughts and are emotional real roller coaster. They are often misunderstood by men because they are not as blue as they are. With them, you’ll never be bored.



The women of Mars are strong and charismatic! Do not make them angry unless you want to spend a bad half an hour. Their charm is unquestionable and they are also very independent. They have a crazy charm that leaves their surroundings completely hypnotised. They are always in the center of attention and they’re a pleasant company.



Girls born in April are very sensitive, so they have a tendency to fall into jealousy … but they also know how to share their deep feelings and are very generous. They are effective communicators, very sociable, despite the fact that they don’t always have a lot of confidence. Their social skills are far from being innate, but in fact they result from an enormous amount of work on themselves to compensate for this. They know how to get to their results quickly.



Woman of May, do what you please! Women born in this month that marks the official start of spring are usually physically very attractive, but can also be very complex and difficult to pin down. Their men will have to work really hard because it is the price to pay if you want to have the privilege of rubbing shoulders with these great, strong women. However, they are very persistent and will not abandon their principles.



Those born in June are generally artists at heart, they are creative and curious. They follow their hearts and their emotions that do not deceive them! Their outspokenness and transparency can sometimes play tricks on them. They are very determined and charming despite their shyness. They have a lot of willpower and tend to exert some power of attraction on men.



Women born in July, are beautiful, honest, adventurous and mysterious. The women of this month are very intelligent, but also a little distracted. They have always been attracted by the abstract, fleeting, fascinating and mystical world that haunts their minds. Utopists and idealists in the soul, they nevertheless know how to keep their feet on the ground when it is necessary!



The sun, the summer, the heat … all this is accommodated with the sunny personality of the women born in August. They have a big heart and are far from being selfish. They have a great sense of humor, but they still have a hard time accepting themselves. They often avoid people who disagree with them, and they are likely to react and fight back, if someone acts against their will. That is why they often have the last word.



The women of September are very disciplined, friendly and frank. They are faithful to themselves, but they are also waiting for others to do the same in return: they do not easily forgive those who betray them, their confidence is hard to win and very easy to lose! They hate hypocrites and liars and it will cost a lot to those who have the misfortune to hurt them or betray them or the people they love. They are honest women, women of honour.



The women of October show a great intelligence and a strong character. They keep a lot of things and emotions for themselves. They are endowed with a discreet temperament, yet those who are interested in them will soon realise that they are absolutely fascinating and touching. They like to see life on the bright side and look for a stable and serene life. Very charming, they are generally harmonious.


The daughters of November carry in their hearts the fierce wind, the frost, and the gentle warmth of the amber leaves of autumn. They are wild, dreamy, free and seem attracted by the wild nature and wide open spaces. They tend to involve their entourage in their adventures. They like to face difficult situations and come out as winners. They are determined and incredibly stubborn. They are idealistic, which can lead them to difficulties sometimes.


Women in December tend to give more than their receive, they experience more pleasure in helping others than being the target of attention. They have a positive character, they are sincerely good and care as much about their well-being as about that of others. They are understanding, open-minded and prefer to help others to be the center of attention.

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