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The long-awaited October horoscope is here!

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See what the stars have prepared for you this October!

Aries star sign



What a month ahead of you, Aries. The full moon on October 5 is in your sign and right from the beginning of the month it will unleash a stream of long-held emotions – anger, fear, irresistible desire to follow your inner gestures, whether they are in agreement with your mind or not , intolerance to someone or something … We shall advise you to master your emotions and try to control them, but we won’t do it. Better go with the flow and express your feelings. Once the storm passes, you will feel relieved. You won’t end this month, the same way you started it. You will clarify many conflicts with important people for you, and that will give you wings.


Taurus star sign


Be careful with your plans

Spontaneity is not your best strategy for October. Do not rely on trust, clarify the smallest detail, read the smallest font below the line. Yes, even when it comes to love. Honestly, be careful to avoid being disappointed. This on one hand. On the other hand, however, we must tell you not to make any predictable plans. Everything that happens in your love life is out of your control, so just let it happen, you’ve done what’s up to you. However, in your work, especially if it is creative, you are going to be a success. Concentrate on it.


Gemini star sign


It’s all in your hands 

Take the rudder to your own life back, Gemini! Perhaps so far you have been dependent on your love or business partner, your boss, your parents, and so on. For Gemini, addictions cost a lot of stress, but the stars give them the opportunity to enjoy freedom again. You will experience some kind of collisions and separations. Maybe you have been preparing for them for a long time or you may suddenly decide. The crisis is always a new opportunity. Use this change to forget everything else and do what you want. We know that the calculating, rational Gemini, who lives in you constantly keeps you alert, but now you have to shut his mouth and follow your dream.


Cancer star sign


Get ready for change 

This month you will face someone close to you, who has forced you to live under their influence and not your own. In October, you will suddenly be injected with a dose of confidence and it will help you overcome this person once and for all. You will not feel sorry because you have done everything you can and you have taken all the consequences. Be open to new people, who will enter your life – without prejudice or expectation. Whatever change you see on the horizon, know that it comes because you have wished for it. Work for yourself, do not waste your energy on someone else’s causes. When it comes to your love life stay focused and do not open up your heart.


Leo star sign


You have everything 

If you have been trying to turn your ideas into reality for a long time –e.g. go on a trip, apply for a new job, etc. – now is the time to do it. The successful completion of long-term plans is the gift that October will bring to you. Say “Hip-Hip, hurray!” and do not doubt it, just revisit all the “projects” left in standby mode. Your month is the right time for any financial transactions and negotiations, to develop (but not start) a business. October is not bad for your love life either, especially in the second half when Venus will be generous to you. You have everything.


Virgo star sign


Give yourself a break

Beware of making wrong decisions, Virgos! Do not follow your instant emotions, no matter how compelling they are. Your common sense is your greatest strength, remember this. It would be best to postpone important decisions for the next month, but if some more significant problem forces you to find a solution, act boldly and extravagantly. Your energy in October will not be abundant, so it is important to focus only on the most important tasks. A few days of complete rest is not only recommended but mandatory. Do not give up right now.


Libra star sign


Say “Yes!” to all new adventures 

Continue to follow your path and do not pay attention to other people’s opinions or gossip. Not everyone will be on your side, but when was it the opposite ?! It is important that in October you do not confront your loved ones and colleagues, but as you will surely have the possibility of a conflict, act so that you do not burn all the bridges back. Show off your talents Libra, but without taking full responsibility yourself. You will get a tempting proposition to embark on something completely new to you – a new career or something. Totally uncertain. Everyone will dissuade you, but we say “Yes!”. Go for it!


Scorpio star sign


Unhealthy egoism

Do not force fate, Scorpios. In October, you will once again try to restart a love affair that has made you busy but it’s time to realise that it won’t happen. The faster you get rid of your illusions about this relationship, the better. Do not force your career development either. Calm down, not everything can, and not everything should happen right now. You want it or not, it does not all depend on you. Instead of getting angry, think about whether you have set your expectations too high, or whether you are too pretentious,  or demanding even. A bit of modesty and common sense are recommended in October. Think about the people around you.


Sagittarius star sign


Take care of yourselves

You will have plenty of work in October, Sagittarius, and we advise you to turn down any new engagements. We’re sorry, but you’ll have to be disciplined and organised (some of the most unpleasant words), in order to help yourself. If that will make you feel better- there is no effort thrown into the wind. You are in the middle of a project you have been working on for a long time, and it is quite possible that you are discouraged and tired. You have no grounds for the first one, and as for the second, you can always take day or two to rest. Take care of yourself, pay attention to your health, and dedicate your limited free time to your loved ones.


Capricorn star sign


Show character

If you could sort out the grain from the chaff, Capricorn, October will become your most successful month of the year. Moreover, at the very end of last month, on September 29, Pluto stopped its retrograde movement in your sign. Soon you will feel this change and you will finally sigh with relief. Use the moment to focus on things important to you and try to move them in the desired direction. The stars promise you inspiration, you only need consistency. In your work you will face a serious test – you will be assigned a complex and responsible task that will engage your entire capacity. Show character and do not give up. You can make it.


Aquarius star sign


The luck is on your side

October will be a very lucky month for you, Aquarius! And in every way possible – work, money, love, family, in that order. It will literally be smooth like a water, so you can try your luck even in the various lottery games, although you are generally not into this. Do not rush to spend your money though. Better think about how to best allocate and coordinate everything according to your partner and family needs. You can plan the trip you have long dreamed of, but do not do it in October. Take advantage of the good things that happen to you to stabilize your finances in the long run.


Pisces star sign


Keep your word

For the single Pisces, October won’t be the time to find a partner, no matter what they do! Currently, most Pisces are experiencing a period of “closure,” and it will be approximately two more months until the leading planet Neptune ceases his retrograde movement in your sign. Think about the events that have taken place in your life in recent months, Pisces. Try to see what specific message the stars send you – it’s with the parameters of your own life, there is no way I can tell you. In October, it will be very important to keep the word up and to keep up the commitments. Do not play with the people around you. If you experience a fleeting love adventure, do not give empty promises. Be honest.

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