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Introducing: Your monthly horoscope!

July horoscopeRead your monthly horoscope

We’re excited to introduce a new feature a monthly horoscope, for all those who need some inspiration and looking for answers in the stars.  No need to panic, just follow our astrologist’s recommendations and all will be alright.

Aries (21.03-20.04)

Love: Code red

The events in July will turn as you want – but even if you do not want, you will have to pay attention to your personal life. For a long time, you have been sweeping underneath the carpet problems with your partner, and it seems to me that in July there is a danger that all these bitter accumulations will invade your life. There is mistrust and frustration in your relationship, but there is love. Do not let evil take over. Try to share all these frustrations with the person next to you, and if he does not understand you or consistently refuses to talk you will probably have to take care of yourself. In any case, do not drown in work, as you have done so far. The month is considerably more joyful for the single Arieses, for who it’s best to pack their suitcases and travel.

Taurus (21.04-21.05)

Harmony and contentment

At last, that invisible pebble in the shoe, which for a long time still prevents you from enjoying your life, will somehow disappear on its own. July will clear all the worries and bad thoughts from your head and will give you magnificent days of harmony and contentment, whether you spend the month at your workplace or on vacation. I do not mean that the horn of happiness and abundance will be poured upon you, and that you will feel satisfied and balanced by the way things are developing on all the important fronts of life. In fact, however, your month is lucky, Taurus, so even though everything is okay, you can ask for more. If you offer a new and higher-paid job, for example, and you feel the need for change yourself – say “yes” without fear.

Gemini (22.05-21.06)

Enjoy freedom

The big load is over, Gemini! At least during the summer you don’t have to worry and just give yourself a slightly longer break. And as I say obligatory, I mean you really should. Otherwise, the stars will misinterpret your behavior as greed and excessive ambition, and it does look good on you. We mean, July is not a month for new projects, new debt, not even time for serious talk about your future career development, and etc. It’s not at all, Gemini. Organize a better month of pleasure. Spend more, travel more, enjoy more. Get rid of all the demanding, pretentious, muddling elements around you for at least a bit and do just what you want to do. In other words – give yourself liberty and forget the duties. A total relax!

Cancer (22.06-22.07) 

Avoid conflicts

July will be very successful and good for Cancers as long as they can avoid two or three more acute conflict situations in the first couple of weeks. Perhaps you have noticed, Cancers, that in certain situations we have definitely supported the decision to declare wars or at least to enter into battles – when we think the bet is worth or that it is somehow important for the future. In this case, however, we say that there is no point in wasting your energy, time and nerves. Avoid ALL possible conflicts, as well as the people you have long suspected to be inclined to get involved in. Do your job, look at your plate, figuratively speaking, take care of yourself and your closest people and do not go into conflicts or fights. You will understand how right we were before the end of the month.

Leo (23.07-22.08)

Pack your luggage

For male Leos July will be an extremely tough and unreasonable month and it is good for the Leo men’s partners to keep in mind and to remain patient. The whole month is relaxed for the representatives of this sign, their professional ambitions are buried for now and the only problems can come would be from the nearest circle. I advise you, Leos, to use the month for … a holiday. Enough postponing, now is the time.
Travel, exercise, organize an active holiday and don’t stay in the same place as the rest of the year. Travel, and remember that “travel makes a wise man better”. An absolute mistake will be if you dedicate your July to work, because nothing meaningful and satisfying will come out of this. So – pack the luggage!

Virgo (23.08-23.09)

Make a change…without hesitation

Something in Virgo’s life will change in July. The change will be related to their work or their workplace (in the sense they may make a change) but will also affect their way of life. Some Virgos may be offered a job abroad or even sign a contract for such a job. In any case, no matter what the change is, it will not cause you any hesitation and mental anguish, Virgos. It’s about something you want to do. And if you have to, whether it will be good for you, it’s another thing. But anyway this change is part of your path. In your relationship, you will have to compromise and stand by your partners, even if you sacrifice part of your spare time or your comfort for it. Do it, they deserve it.

Libra (24.09-23.10)

You’ve got the money, so do what you like!

July is good for making your wildest dreams come true, Libra. If there is someone or something that stops you or questions your abilities, this month is a good opportunity to say goodbye to them. Be uncompromising in this matter and do not let anyone confuse, scare or oppress you, even if it is a person in your closest circle. As with the Virgos, there is a great chance for you to get a job offer abroad or with foreigners – temporary or permanent. Think well if that’s what you’re dreaming about. Because your only point of reference now should be your dreams, only they will lead you to the right path, only they will keep you from temptations and loses. Forget about the money. Now, and in the upcoming months, they will not be your problem.

Scorpio (24.10-22.11)

Time for answers

The Scorpios are expecting a bit of a difficult month, but let’s start with the good stuff – everything is ok at your workplace. The moment is not very strong and you are not filled with inspiration for work, but everything in your professional life is in place. The same goes for your personal life. You feel good, but you are not full of inspiration. You have closed yourself, Scorpios like that genius from the story of Orson Wells. Even though everything is okay, your mood is not and you are filled with some apathy. You’ll have to find a muse, Scorpios! Remember what inspired you before, what excites you more than anything else, and try to find out why you are in this position now. It is time to answer yourself, regardless that summer is in full swing.

Sagittarius (23.11-21.12)

On the starting line

With you, Sagittarius, the changes you’ve been waiting for will soon emerge. No, it will not be in July, but it will be very soon. You are still expecting an event to start the process. And this will already happen in July. The catalyst of the great change will be someone from your past, with whom you will meet again. Whether you had a love relationship, friendship or professional, this person will help you make the change you need. Perhaps it will involve you in a project or it will tear you away from the unhealthy and unsatisfactory relationship you are in, but in any case it will play an important role in your present. We advise you to be open and take the risk. Fate challenges you, show that you are not afraid, and make way for the new things.

Capricorn (22.12-20.01)

Forget the past

The full moon on July 9 is in your sign, Capricorn, and it will be very useful for you to take advantage of this energy. Hopefully, you will eventually overcome your past. Forget it, bury it – how can we tell you better? Don’t look back in the past, your present is what matters. You are about to steer the rudder of your own life and shake off a heavy, extremely burdensome relationship, do not give up right now, when the whole universe sends you good energy to end this relationship. As you can see, Capricorn, July will not be your month for business, career, etc., but for making important existential decisions. Vacations can wait. Love – too.

Aquarius (21.01-19.02)

Work, work and more work in July

Postpone the summer for August and work hard in July – this is our advice, Aquarius, though we’re sure you will not be happy with it. Regardless of what your profession is, July is just a great month for you to earn money, work and create new things. Don’t get bored because but give it all. Be proactive and above all – make your dreams come true. If you can channel your creative energy in a single direction without spoiling your friends, household duties, and online shopping, for example (because it looks like you’ve been spending a lot lately?) At the end of July all that effort will be paid back to you. Very generously. And then – August is all for you, summer, vacation, sea, travel … You started dreaming of it, right?

Pisces (20.02-20.03)

Anything is possible

It’s the perfect time for a fresh start, Pisces! The stars give you the blessing to follow your heart, no matter where it wants to take you and whatever the cost. July will wipe away all your fears and worries with a magical rust and you will be ready for action. We will give you a secret: You, Pisces, are truly happy only when you live boldly and even adventurously. Maybe you do not know this about yourself, but if you think, you will see that we’re right. The fish are the most unhappy when caught against their will (because there are occasions when they voluntarily go to the bait) in the nets of some boring fisherman. July 2017 is the perfect month to embark on an adventure with an unknown end. A love adventure is a good idea. Professionally, however, is even a better idea. There are no unachievable goals for you in July.

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