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#InteriorTips: How to reorganise your work space?

It is believed that a comfortable workplace is the key to efficiency and good mood. We offer you the best tips on how to reogranise you work space.

It does not matter if you work in an office or you are a freelancer and work from your home, it is important that your workplace is organized most efficiently and conveniently because you spend most of your life in it.

It is believed that a comfortable workplace is the key to efficiency and good mood. The truth is that the colour of the walls in the office, as well as the accessories on the table, have a great influence on the atmosphere.

  1. Keep everything in order

The basis of the organization of the workplace is to have a turntable. If your desk is not cluttered with documents, lost pens, staples, mobile phones, and accumulated cups and dishes, frustration and stress can easily be avoided. It is believed that those who daily keep order in the workplace are much more active in the work environment.

2. Block noises

Often external noise or the ones of the general office may disturb and slow the concentration of the workflow. If complete isolation in the office is not possible (for example, in open spaces), you can use several elements. For example, a cork board with photos or souvenirs – they are capable of blocking external noise. The other way is to use a fan with monotone “white noise”. Many people also use the help of soundproofing headphones.

3. Keep the right temperature

To concentrate on the working day, the temperature at the workplace is very important. That’s why in the hot summer days in the office is not so easy to work in the afternoon. Ventilate frequently and try to keep the room temperature around 22 degrees Celsius. This is the temperature that will make you productive.

4. Surround yourself with plants

Room plants eliminate stress and energize, so their presence on the desk is very vital. There are many ways to make a comfortable work table with one or two pots of plants. Choose plants that are easy to take care for and do not be afraid to leave them unattended for several days.

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