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Instagram declares war on everything FAKE: profiles, likes & followers

Instagram is going on a war with fake profiles and users who ruin the authenticity of the social network.

False likes and followers which some Instagram connoisseurs use more and more to artificially raise their audience are the most important case against which the decision-makers of the social network are starting to fight. Last month, the company announced that it is launching tests on several new looks for our personal profiles that will focus on the users themselves rather than on the number of followers. Fair enough.

“Recently, we’ve seen more and more accounts using apps to increase their audiences, starting from the beginning to remove the non-authentic likes, followers, and comments generated by these intermediaries to artificially increase popularity.” “We build algorithms to help us in identifying users using such services and removing non-violent activity. ”

The chaos is expected to grow with the launch of this “intervention” – the applications and accounts on Instagram are getting blocked, which is actually a genuine relief for honest network users. Such actions are not innovative, especially since Twitter has taken the same measures very recently – the older social network has closed down multiple user accounts and reduced the number of hundreds of followers – including political figures such as India’s Prime Minister Narendra Mody, and the Speaker of Parliament, Rahul Gandhi.

The system that breaks the fake accounts is called Monthly Active Users (MAU) – Twitter has already put into operation while Instagram is just starting. “We do it to improve the experience. Keep in mind that fake accounts are permanently removed, which automatically removes them as your followers.” The social network continues: “In the next few weeks, you may also find differences in your profiles, including changed icons, buttons, and redesign of the overall vision.” Your profile remains intact – breathe, “states the press information from the corporation.

Instagram also says that the changes are mostly made to protect users, as well as to shift the focus from the number of followers to the profiles, users, and the content that is generated.

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