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How to use cosmetics during flights? 8 beauty tips for the perfect makeup in the air.

Learn what is the best way to apply cosmetics while travelling with an airplane.

Flights are a test not only for the nerves but also for the facial skin. How do you protect it from the dry air that dehydrates the skin and is it worth applying makeup at ten thousand feet?

If you want to get out of the plane rested and blooming like movie stars, you’d better take care of your makeup shortly before landing. As we have said, dry air from air conditioners and possible sleep will destroy your efforts beforehand.

Fortunately, you can secure yourself with a set of travel size products in your beauty bag (up to 100 ml of liquids are allowed in hand luggage). If your favorite brands do not offer samples and travel size products, you can buy mini packages.

Remember that during the flight optimal makeup products should be creamy textured.

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You need micellar water and cotton pads to clean your skin before makeup. If you are not a fan of mycelial water, make sure you get wet cosmetic wipes. They are different from the antibacterial for the hands, which can cause inflammation.


What you should not forget to put in your bin for a long flight is a spray with thermal or other water that can easily be found in 50 or 100 ml. Spray the entire face, then dip the excess with a dry cloth. You can add eye patches, cooling rolls ons to avoid bags under the eyes or gel for the sensitive skin around the eyes. You could take with you toner to combine cleaning and moistening, or put a mask while resting on the seat.


The base is desirable to be liquid or creamy, as the dry powder will only emphasize folds and wrinkles from fatigue. If you are a fan of BB or CC creams, take advantage of their skin care and makeup effect, most of which contain ingredients that prevent evaporation and seal moisture into the skin. Tinted and correcting creams will allow you to avoid the use of  foundation and corrector during flight.

Learn what is the best way to apply cosmetics while travelling with an airplane.


Again, our recommendation is to bet on a creamy texture, as the powder will quickly disappear from your face. Try to make your makeup natural and unobtrusive.


If you can not get away without it, choose waterproof as the air, pressure or sleep during a flight will surely spoil the perfect make-up.


We advise to give it up completely because you risk smudging or might irritate your eyes. In a long flight, avoid a mascara, eyeliner, and even a pencil applied to the waterline of the eye.

Learn what is the best way to apply cosmetics while travelling with an airplane.


The dry air in the plane damages the delicate skin of the lips, so it is desirable to regularly apply a nourishing, moisturising balm or lip oil. If you’ve been on holiday in warmer locations, make sure your cosmetics also include a lipstick or balm with a SPF factor.

Final touch
Take a look at the list of SOS products you can include in your travel bag. With a concealer, you can cover up even the smallest imperfections on the skin, as well as blue circles and bags under the eyes. Mate sheets will absorb the sebum from your face and remove the oily gloss, and the fixing spray will extend your makeup.

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