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How to Decorate Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

If you have struggled to sleep at night, these few tips will guarantee you a better and more relaxing bed time.Photo source: netdoctor.com

At the end of a busy day, you want nothing more than to get a good night’s sleep — but that’s sometimes easier said than done. We asked an interior designer for few tips on how to improve your bedroom and get your eight hours of rest.

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Invest in a mattress 

An amazing mattress is always key. The best way to know what will help you sleep deep is trying them out first.

Once your mattress is in place, the next important item is bedding. Pay attention to fabrics. Designers recommend linen because it is a great option, cold when you need it to be and warm when you need to be.

Aroma scents

Aroma gives you that little help you need to get into a relaxing and cozy state. Lavender is especially known to help relax you and make falling asleep easily. Spray some on your pillow or leave a sachet in your closet near your bed and everything will come out smelling heavenly.

Mood lighting and Window blinds

The best lighting for a cozy environment is low lighting. We would swap out the overhead nightstand lamps with new marble based lamps with much smaller glow. Also chose blinds which will protect you from the morning sun getting straight into your face.

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