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How to choose your outfit if you’re attending a wedding as guest?

This is the season for wedding parties. See what to wear if you're invited as guest to a wedding party.

Ahh Spring…The weather is nice, the wedding season begins, and the guests start to wonder – what should I wear ?!

We all know the unwritten rule that when you’re invited to a wedding you can opt for anything but white. This colour is reserved for the bride only and no one overshadows it. Here are some more practical rules:

1. You’ll never be wrong if you bet on a dress. Yes, maybe a suit is an option, but if you want to feel more confident a formal romantic dress is the best solution.

2. What better occasion than a wedding party, to wear a beautiful coloured lace. Whether it’s a dress, a skirt or a blouse, it’s timeless and elegant.

3. Yes, you may wear black. Although the more conservative guests might consider an outfit in this colour a bad taste (especially because weddings are happy and romantic events), lately, the black dress is gaining more and more positive reviews.

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