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How to be successful in 2018

How to be successful in 2018Photo credit: Habitually Chic

There aren’t many people out there who like January but we actually do. It’s a new beginning, time to set your goals, put your dreams as a priority again. It’s an opportunity to clean up all the messes we made in 2017. Considering all this we think it’s important to utilise the first few months of 2018 to optimize the entire year. Here are the things all successful women will be doing in early 2018.

 1. Identify your goals

Let’s make it clear: you don’t have to have goals in every area of your life. Focus on whatever you feel most compelled to improve or change. Be specific and prioritize, as the idea is to execute against these goals. Don’t forget to consider categories like health and charity. If you accomplish little else in 2018, doing just one big thing, it will make you feel like the year was a success.


2. Breakdown goals into smaller ones

Define the smaller goals, which could feed into the bigger goals (like buying a house for example) —start focusing on paying off your credit card debt or take on a side job that will bring in extra income.


3. Plot these smaller goals into your calendar

When you have that smaller goal—e.g. “earn $15,000 in extra income”—add this into your calendar. Think how much can you realistically aim for each month? Set regular calendar appointments to keep you on track.

4. Evaluate what didn’t work for your in the past year or two

You can’t expect to be somewhere else if you keep on doing the same things. It’s wise to start the new year by identifying what didn’t work for you in 2017 so you can avoid it in 2018. Did a specific friendship cause you headaches? Get over it and  move on. Even the a resolution to go to the gym every day, which all of us set in the beginning of every year that didn’t work out is worth evaluating. This year find something that you actually like, in order to avoid failures.

5. Get out of you circle

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a new career path or would like to explore new field, investing in your network is critical. Make a plan how to meet with a certain number of individuals who may help, advise or inspire your 2018 path.


6. Wake up at least one hour earlier than you usually do

Sometimes very small changes can affect our whole year in a positive way.  Start waking up an hour earlier to set the tone for the rest of the year. Then, use that one extra hour toward your goals, to work out or even just to meditate. You will be surprised how much better this one hour makes you feel.

 Good luck!

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