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Hello November! Sweater weather and this month’s horoscopes are here!

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November has started, which means it’s time to look up to the stars and see what they have prepared for us. In general it’s not a good month to travel for any of the signs but it will be quite a good month for some signs to take rest and for others to start new jobs.


Aries star sign


Do not be impulsive

This November, bet on non-standard solutions and unusual choices. Be extravagant and surprising – not just for others but for yourself. In return for your courage (which is good not only for important things, but even for small things like hairstyle, hair color, clothes, shoes, etc.) you will get the trust of an important person – an employer for example, – who will appreciate it precisely that quality. You are at this stage in your life, Aries, where you have nothing to lose. The more you want to change the situation you are in now – and we think many of you are longing for change – the more you have to risk. The planet of change Uranus will be retrograde in your sign by the end of the year and then … Prepare for this “afterwards.” The news are already coming to you!

Taurus star sign


Do not take risks

The full moon on November 4 is in your sign, Taurus. Several things – be careful with financial affairs, property issues and everything related to home and family. It is imperative to consult with professionals if you need to make any deals or sign contracts. Try to act as cool and reasonable as possible in such situations because, frankly, throughout the month you will be hypersensitive and very emotional. Taking risks is strictly forbidden, as well as making major changes in your life as a result of spontaneous decisions. Answer the question of who or what balances you. Better bet on love and do not bother with other nonsense. There is time for everything.

Gemini star sign


Should I stay or I should go

Aside from being a great song by The Clash it could be considered also as the motto of Gemini’s zodiac sign for November 2017. The month will be filled with a search of new directions, with uncertainty and hesitation, with dependence – on people and situations, workplace, on your love partner. The fluctuations are not inherent to the Gemini, but in this case the luck is not on your side. Take all this as a quake, after which things will get better – everything unnecessary will disappear, and only the important things will remain. Besides, Gemini, you have been living for some time in a comfortable, relaxed, self-satisfied momentum that can’t go on forever. Try to see how the events around you are moving in this month – what’s going on, what’s left. Do not make any important changes. Just watch where and how the wind blows.

Cancer star sign


Protective mode

Do not repeat your old mistakes – do not trust people you know, who are making empty promises. And do not take any responsibility that you couldn’t manage later. Evaluate both your strengths and your words, and you better save both. A person very close to you will ask for you a favor, a serious one, it may be money-related. Feel free to cancel the offer, it will cause you problems in the very near future. Your November is quite heterogeneous and extremely stormy, you will need energy to “cope” with it, so remove all possible “activators” of negative emotions and moods and give yourself time to rest. The love life of Cancers during the month is their fortress. There everything is safe and secure, except that they will not have much time for this fortress because the battles awaits them. Take care!

Leo star sign


Look for external help

In November, Leos, you will find out which of your friends you can rely on. Do not hesitate to look for support because your most important ventures during the month will only be successful if you act collectively, not alone. Look for like-minded people, trust your ability to influence others. I advise you to generally go to protective mode. Take care of yourself. If your family or colleagues are trying to transfer you more tasks than you think you can handle, just reject them. Do not take long trips, the moment is not appropriate at all. Leo’s love life in November is not strong either. The real reason for this is that you are not in the mood for love and these are the signals you radiate. Stay calm, changes are coming soon. Just in November is slightly slow in every aspect.

Virgo star sign


Protect your love

The month will be magnificent for those Virgo, who manage their own business or hold leadership positions. If you get an offer for cooperation and business expansion, especially if it is related to a foreign country – accept it; not only everything seems perfect but be hundred percent sure that it will work out. Your opportunity is good and it will give a different direction to your life. It is important not to distract yourself with many different tasks and plans, but to focus on a single project and indulge in it. In love and relationships with others you will be willing to exaggerate, and that can bring you many quarrels and serious conflicts. Try to avoid it. Do not be jealous, do not interrogate or demand. Be casual and don’t play games. Protect your love from yourself.

Libra star sign


Do not hesitate

This November, Libras will not be in mood for work, so we advise them not to bother and enjoy life. The month is not the most appropriate for traveling for any of the signs, but if you have the opportunity – do not hesitate. And at all – do not hesitate! For you, Libra, this is extravagant advice, we know, but the stars encourage you to be bold and unwavering. Do just what you want and think is right, whether people around you think so too. Single Libra will have their craziest month for years, and if they dare to follow their hearts, they have the chance not only to enjoy happiness but also to lay the foundations for a stable and very good relationship. Engaged Libras is best to apply that trick to writing the positive and negative sides of the partner, and if the negative are more … well, act as the single ones.

Scorpio star sign


Vanity is sin

Your hidden ambition, Scorpios, can be very dangerous. Do not succumb to it right now. In November, you will get a serious proposal for a new job, significantly higher position than what you are at, or even a new, more prestigious job. You need a change in your life, but it is very important for you to make that change. If the proposal is related to a long dream or to something that you truly and deeply desire, not just a whim, that you deserve a higher salary, then act boldly. Otherwise – refuse just as bravely. The vanity should not be your leading motive for making change because the experience will not be worth it. And one more thing – sift through the very thin sieve the people you have surrounded yourself with and be uncompromising to those who do not pass the test.


Sagittarius star sign


Money loves you

A great financial month for Sagittarius. It is not just about money, but also about projects that will surely bring good revenue in the near future. Think, Sagittarius, if it’s not about time to start your own business. Just November is great for some type of investment, success is waiting for you around the corner, and it’s going to be stupid to get away. Work alone and do not reveal your plans. It is not yet time to look for like-minded people for new ventures. Your month is very dynamic and saturated with all sorts of meetings, not only professional ones. If you have a person you care about, take care of the temptations and do not risk your relationship. On the contrary, it will be good for you to spend as much time as possible with your partner. Why are you trying to escape lately? Answer yourself.

Capricorn star sign


It’s time to play

If there is someone around you, who systematically pisses your life with mistrust towards you, in November you will literally be forced to clarify once and for all, your relations with him. We know that the experience will not be enjoyable, but we’re sure it will be enlightening and liberating. Maybe it’s about your boss or the person you live with. Make the necessary conversation because these relationships weigh you like a stone on the neck and prevent you from moving forward. In general, your month is good and it will bring you a new opportunity to start a personal project you have long thought of. Do it, but only if you are able to take full responsibility. Now is not the time to establish long-term partnerships and joint initiatives. In your personal life, keep the consistency, whether you like it or not.


Aquarius star sign

Seek for new opportunities

A lot of work, but very nice emotions around your work are waiting in November, Aquarius! You have a full month of professional engagement, when you will be answering many questions, and you should take advantage of these answers. Do not be silent or compromise with anything that seems unfair to you, show that you know your price, and act with self-confidence. All new people, who enter your life in November will be connected to your work and will play an important part in your career in the coming months. In principle, any exit beyond the usual route will be very, very useful to you. Seek new paths, new goals, new friends, try new things. The same applies to your love life, especially to Aquarius, who are in a relationship. Inject a little adrenaline into your relationship! This way you will prove that you still believe in it.


Pisces star sign



Trust this man and do not be afraid, Pisces. A relatively new acquaintance that has been in your life for a while, also bothers you. You have no reason for concern. I suppose you know that it is not good to judge what is happening now in your life, solely on the basis of your past experience. The person who has recently taken a serious place in your life is or will be connected to you both personally and professionally, so settle for so long and do not hurry to push him out just because you are afraid of being hurt or betrayed in any way. The past is a bad counselor. The work is also tense, especially because you are not moving forward with the pace you want. Accept this and relax. Doing everything you can and what you need, just is not the time for the big jump. Trust the stars. And yourself.

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