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Happy New Year, your horoscope is here!

Read The Glam Magazine's January horoscopePhoto credit: Elle France

Quick, the new year has started! Get over December festivities and read this. There is a lot to come and if you play your cards right, you’ll have an amazing start of 2018.


Aries star sign

Extreme start

You start the year at a fast pace, Aries. In the first week you will not only have to deal with a lot of work – yes, it will be interesting and all, but still work, and you will also have to react to important news about your professional future. It may be a new project or a new job proposal. The planet of the new Uranus has just come out of a few-month retrograde phase in your sign, so act boldly and irresponsibly, luck is with you. The big challenge at the beginning of the year is not to give up adrenaline and not to overwork. Focus on the most important tasks and on long-term solutions.



Taurus star sign

Sober judgment

2018 begins for you with … money, but also with commitments. It is important to quickly exit the festive mood, even if you do not want to, and to step into the daily routine, be adequate and not miss the good chances. Overcome your uncertainty and try to judge the situation. If you decide that the new responsibilities that are offered to you (and which carry a lot of extras) are in your scope, forget all fears. If not, it is better not to risk and just decline. You are very difficult to bear with losses. The month is great for travel and even more wonderful for love relationships. In this sense, married Taurus are in a rather disadvantageous position. Be careful!



Gemini star sign

Accept the challenges

End of boredom, Gemini! We mean the inner boredom you’ve been experiencing lately, even when your personal and professional life are filled up with events. The new 2018 will bring you inspiration and new ideas. It will be good to concentrate on work for a while, because there are interesting and important things happening. Everything that separates you from the monotony of everyday life has to become a priority in your life – trips, new people, trainings. Bet on the new one without thinking much of it, even if it looks like a risk. The most important thing is to face every challenge January has brought to you rather than trying to get around it.



Cancer star sign

Take care of yourself

2018 begins with a full moon in Cancer on Jan. 2, and the delicate point is that, in general, the full moon is associated with an end phase of something, and then a decay. Moreover, the full moon in this sign sets a tone of strong emotionality, vulnerability and uncertainty. Cancers, you are aware, how strong and atavistic your connection to your star governor the Moon is. Do not make any important decisions about anything in the first ten days of January, avoid conflicts at all costs and do your best to control your emotions. The month as a whole is totally inappropriate for starting projects or new ideas. Best is to take care of yourself.


Leo star sign

Postpone changes

Your weapons in January, Leos, are your talent to communicate and your personal glamour. Not that it is the best time for career plans, but if they appear in your head and you cannot wait to wait for a more appropriate moment, address them to your bosses and be as sincere as you want. And do it in the last ten days of the month, when is best aspect for your professional life. Keep in mind, however, that the month is generally not the most appropriate for any changes. You love to ask fate sometimes about your wishes and sometimes it yields to your insistence. But not now. And it’s for good.



Virgo star sign

Time for acquisitions

January may not be your best month to make money, but it’s just great to spend, as it is successful and fruitful. Especially if it is related to long-planned actions – for example buying a property or traveling abroad. Something you’ve been working on for a long time will have its natural end now and you’ll be extremely happy with the results. We advise you to enjoy your happiness and not get yourself, tricked by success, in continuing the same business or even worse – in starting a new project. Rather finish what you started and dedicate some time for your special one. By the way – it’s a great month for love!



Libra star sign

Prepare for a jump

Do not start anything in January, Libra, whatever you want. Better look, listen, study things, prepare the soil and wait for better times. Everything will happen, but not in January, so do not force fate. Your keyword for the month is “preparation”, and it is very important in the course of this preparation to seek help from a friend, find collaborators, and do not try to do everything yourself. Focus on your own things and do not get involved with others people’s business. Do not go into conflicts or give advice. The month is not good for new connections, and if something tempting appears on the horizon, you better leave it for later.



Scorpio star sign

Luck as a start

Your confidence is contagious, Scorpios! Whatever you do in January, it will be seen from afar and will be a success. Particular successes await those of you who are involved in organizational activity. We advise them to prepare for a very active January, saturated with business opportunities that they should not miss. Listen to your intuition, Scorpios, not to the advice and ideas of your circle. We can’t say that these people are all sincere with you. Keep only your closest and time-tested friends around you. It is not a good time to test your current relationship. Luck anyway is with you, do not expose it to unnecessary risk.



Sagittarius star sign

You are not self-sufficient

Your own stubbornness will be your biggest enemy in January, Sagittarius. Your frustration and reluctance to listen to others. Belief in your own right about all matters. Make an experiment and try at least a little to doubt yourself. You have no idea how useful this might be. If you miss a great opportunity in January, or you fail with certain success, you are to blame. Change the tactics and consider a little more the people around you. Also trust them, and last but not least, do not contradict them at all costs. Seek an opinion on all questions. No, you do not know all and you cannot do everything.



Capricorn star sign

And now what?

Change the landscape for a while and if possible, travel on your own, Capricorn! This way you can look at your life from outside and it will be easier for you to make the decisions you need to make right now. Yes, it is true that this January is not the biggest month for decisions, but you just have no choice. And your fears, and your temptations are many and they confuse you. We suspect you will now take the pragmatic decision – so do as you always do, no matter how confused, in love or hurt you are. And then you wonder why you always find yourself in the same place. The great challenge for Capricorns is at least once to be romantic and unreasonable. At least once. Why not now?



Aquarius star sign

The first 10

Pretty January awaits you, Aquarius, especially those of you who manage to preserve their self-esteem and confidence even in more stressful situations. The first ten days of the month will be the most disturbing to you, so remember – it’s not your fault but it’s the stars. It’s not that you are not doing the right thing, but just that is the cosmic influences at the moment. You cannot do anything except switching to “save” mode to keep your energy going. Do not respond to provocation, avoid conflicts, do your job and spend as much time as possible with your closest friends. If you play your cards well in the first 10, the next 20 days of the month will run smoothly.



Pisces star sign

Be bold!
We have to tell you a sentence (which is not in style of astrology): In January you will meet an older, very powerful and strong woman who somehow it will change your life. Take advantage of your chance, it will in any case affect your financial situation, which is not great lately. A very extravagant month awaits you and we advise you to be just like it. Do not consider the other people’s opinion, even of your closest ones. Act bravely on your own. The stars guarantee you enough energy and one more thing – high libido, hurray!

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